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Often referred to as the 'cradle of humanity,' Africa has not yet been touched by mass tourism, and is therefore a paradise to travel enthusiasts in search an off-the-beaten-track destination. Visit Ethiopia to marvel at Lucy, the grandmother of humanity, and come across the country’s breath-taking, age-old landscapes which to this day remain largely unknown. Head further south towards Kenya, Tanzania, or South Africa for superb open spaces, rich in fascinating wildlife.
Africa is also a great place to discover diverse cultures and observe and meet the locals. Leave your watch at home and embrace the pleasant and relaxing way of life. Welcome to Africa!


Asia is without doubt the continent of the future. With a massive population, breath-taking landscapes and an explosive energy, journeying to an Asian country is truly moving. India, a huge contrast between spirituality and bustling urban life; China with its vast terrain, as varied as it is spectacular; its towns rocking the urban scene; Southwest Asia, with its paradise beaches, welcoming smiles and palace visits.
Asia is not only an epicentre for spirituality, but going places – it’s definitely worth staying long enough to try every delicacy while they’re still in reach!


At a few hundred kilometres away, and whether it’s a short stay or a long-lasting trip, Europe offers plenty of opportunities to discover some real must-sees.
Lovers of ancient artefacts will be in awe, spoilt for choice between the world’s most charming capital cities and the timeless richness of the quaint villages. Similarly, sports enthusiasts andoutdoorsy types will not be disappointed. With a multitude of nature parks and countless lakes, rivers and oceans, the continent is looming with greens and blues
Exploring Europe is a jam-packed holiday, which is simple to organise and definitely worth it!

Middle East

Welcome to the Middle East, a fascinating land of culture and tradition, and the birthplace of entire civilisations. Often missed off the traveller radar, the Middle East boasts a plethora of wonders that cannot be found elsewhere. Delve into ancient Persian culture in Iran, and start your trip by taking in the magnificent stops along the Silk Road.
Continue your journey back in time towards the archaeological site of Petra, or stop by the sacred Western Wall in Jerusalem.
Nature lovers, Oman's glistening desert beaches or Jordan's staggering Wadi Rum should be on your list. A dip in the legendary Dead Sea is also a must. The contrast between the Middle East's wilderness and the UAE's vibrant, ultra-modern cities such as Dubai, is sure to make you fall in love with this part of the world. It's impossible not to be captivated by a continent that forms the crossroad of civilisations, where modernity meets ancient tradition.


Oceania, aka the land down under! New Caledonia, all the way on the other side of the world, boasting utopic beaches and luxurious nature. New Zealand with its volcanoes and glaciers like you’ve never seen before, or even Polynesia, dotted with idyllic islands...
And of course, Australia is also a part of Oceania, with its vast outback, home to a fascinating Aborigine culture and a host to extraordinary and natural open spaces: the red-stone fortress, Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef and its surrounding sand-swept islands and rainforests in the north.
In Oceania, your dream of discovering the natural and authentic hidden gems turns to reality!