5 reasons to travel to Turkey

Trips to Turkey are heavily promoted by tour operators. The country has a lot of pluses and there's pretty much something for everyone.
  1. 1
    Come and discover a destination that has it all.
  2. 2
    For starters, you can stroll though markets and bargain away with Turkish sellers.
  3. 3
    Jump from one continent to the other
  4. 4
    Eat delicious food
  5. 5
    Discover a unique culture
1. Come and discover a destination that has it all.

The advantage of visiting Turkey is that it has something for all tastes and budgets. Whether you're backpacking or on a guided tour, a party animal or retiree, single or on honeymoon, Turkey is a good choice.

2. For starters, you can stroll though markets and bargain away with Turkish sellers.
Turkey is a country full of bazaars and markets. There are several in all the towns and they're perfect for meandering around. Haggling is almost a national pastime!
3. Jump from one continent to the other

In Istanbul, you can literally step from one continent to the other. But take care...the border is in the middle of the Bosphorus River, so perhaps best to do it on a ferry.

4. Eat delicious food

Turkish cuisine is fusion food. Over time, recipes from the Maghreb have been blended with those from Cyprus, Syria, Egypt amongst others. As a result the food is divine, Turkish Delight being a national treasure.

5. Discover a unique culture

It's hard to define what awaits during a trip to Turkey. Part European, part Asian, it's culturally neither one nor the other. Turkey stands alone - it has its own, special flavor.

Discover the destination

Why travel to Turkey?

Do you dream of visiting a country that's not overly far from the UK? If so, a trip to Turkey is the one for you. Do you want to explore distant, faraway lands? Then you'll need to go further afield.

You should go if...
  • You're looking to enjoy a vacation not too far from home.
  • You've always dreamed of traveling down the legendary Bosphorus River.
  • You can't wait to immerse yourself in a different culture.
  • You want to, in few steps, leave one continent and join another.
  • You want to stroll through bazaars
  • You love squidgy, oriental pastries
  • You appreciate the beauty of religious monuments
  • You've always wanted to get lost in honeycombed Cappadocia

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When to go in Turkey?

The best times to go to Turkey are Spring and Fall, when the climate is 'visitor friendly' so to speak. Between October and April, a lot of sites are closed and, depending on the region, it can get really hot in summer. What's more, summer is peak tourist season, so it's crowded, often claustrophobic. May to September is best for the northeast, as it can be too cold the rest of the year.
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Prepare your trip in Turkey

With half the country in Europe and half in Asia, Turkey is an 11 hour flight from Washington DC and a 5 hour flight from London. Here's a summary of all you need to know before leaving on vacation.

What documents are needed for traveling to Turkey?

Most nationalities including British citizens need a visa. The only exception is British people on a cruise who stop for the day.

Health advise

No vaccinations are obligatory. But vaccinations against Tyhoid and Hepatitis A are recommended.


Turkish is the official language. Luckily most people in the Turkish tourist industry , as well as most of the population, speak English.

Time difference

Turkish time is GMT+3. So when it is noon in London, it is 2:00 pm in Turkey.

Phone and internet connection

International Dialling code: +90


Power is 230 volts so it's the same as the UK, but the plug is different. You will need an adaptor.

Turkish Embassy in the UK

Rutland Lodge Rutland Gardens,


London SW7 1BW, United Kingdom

020 7591 6900


British embassy in Turkey

Şehit Ersan Caddesi 46/A


Ankara, Turkey

+90 312 455 33 44