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Off the beaten track vacations

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Off the beaten track travel around the world

There is nothing worse than reaching the summit of a mountain and admiring the breathtaking views, only to notice hundreds of tourists doing exactly the same thing. With more travelers than ever before, it is increasingly difficult to escape the tourist spots. Fortunately, at Evaneos we have the solution for all your off the beaten track travel needs. Our platform gives you the freedom to create tailor-made trips with local agents based in the destination. Our agents are experts on the subject of their country, especially the lesser known areas, offering local, authentic experiences and hidden gems that other tourists won’t know about. They have created a range of unique tours to the untouched corners of the world, and are ready to help you design your tailor-made, off the beaten track adventure!

Off the beaten track travel in Asia

Asia is truly vast and it would be impossible to name all of its best off the beaten track destinations. But why not try these hidden gems...

  • Living like a local off the beaten track in Bhutan: Our Bhutanese tours offer a unique insight into the local's everyday life. By day, drive through the stunning Bhutanese Himalayas and trek along the deserted Black Mountain Ranges. Along the way, you will be welcomed into Bhutanese homes to discover the local’s highly guarded culture. The trip includes a memorable visit to one of the oldest Temples in Bhutan to meet the monks.
  • Eating like a local off the beaten track in Uzbekistan: What is local travel without a taste of authentic local cuisine? Our Uzbek agent has created a unique tour combining routes through stunning scenery with local experiences. After an exhilarating trek up the Black Mountains, enjoy traditional Uzbekistan cuisine at a guesthouse, where you will have the chance to dine with locals.

Off the beaten track travel in The Americas

The Americas hold everything from snow-capped mountains, to dense jungles, to vibrant cities, to vast deserts. Try an off the beaten track vacation to this enormous part of the world and you’re sure to be left wanting more.

  • Go on a guided tour off the beaten track in Costa Rica. Filled with a spectacular range of plants and colorful birds, Costa Rica offers responsible eco-travel. Take a guided tour into the heart of the tropical rainforest and enjoy a secluded boat trip along the beautiful canals that are known as ‘The little Amazon’. For the more adventurous travelers, join an exhilarating night tour to spot the most elusive birds on the planet.
  • Travel to Belize for an off the beaten track encounter with nature. Trek to remote bird-watching spots, swim with dolphins and rays, explore hidden sea caves and dense forests. On top of all this you’ll be able to learn about the ancient Mayans and learn some of their traditions that are still alive today, such as traditional chocolate making. How many tourists can say that?  

Off the beaten track travel in Oceania

Oceania may be best known for countries such as Australia and New Zealand but it has so much more to offer aside from these more well-known destinations.

  • Travel to New Caledonia for a self-drive trip taking you off the beaten track at your own pace. Meet tribes, visit ruins of the colonial settlement here or discover the incredible natural beauty of the hidden reefs and coves just offshore.
  • Discover the less visited paradise Islands of Vanuatu. This cluster of islands may be tiny but it has a lot to offer its visitors; volcanic islands, rare species, traditional villages, cascading waterfalls and sapphire blue lagoons.

Off the beaten track travel in Africa

Africa is one of the best destinations for off the beaten track travel and is one of the places where visitors can still find places untouched by modern civilisation. See animals in their natural habitat, undisturbed nature and learn about the African way of life.

  • Escape to the remote island of Madagascar. Escape the crowds and go off the beaten track by visiting the secluded island of Madagascar. With an abundance of wildlife, spot the infamous lemurs, frogs, cats and chameleons lurking in the unspoiled rain forest. The dramatic canyons boast incredible routes for trekkers and superb canoeing conditions. After a day of exploring, relax in the natural pools, beaches and hammocks while watching the sunset.
  • Visit Namibia for the off the beaten track experience of a lifetime. Stay with the San people and see how they live at one with the natural world around them. Learn how modern day tribesmen and women livein the harsh Namibian environment and gain a new perspective on the world.

Off the beaten track travel in Europe

Europe has so many destinations within its boundaries that it can be a daunting task to choose where to spend your off the beaten track vacation. However, this just means that you’ll be spoilt for choice with plenty of lesser-known destinations to tick off your list.

  • Go off the beaten track on a self drive tour in Iceland. A self drive tour gives you the freedom to explore the rugged landscape at your own pace. In our adventurous Icelandic tour, drive along coastal roads, highland tracks and deserted volcanic landscape. Stop off for a memorable hiking tour through the craters with a quick dip in the mirror lake of Landmannalaugar.
  • A trip to Armenia offers so many off the beaten track opportunities, with fewer tourists and plenty of fascinating sites. Visit one of many UNESCO recognized heritage sites, or visit Yerevan, one of the world’s oldest (yet least known) continuously inhabited cities. Explore the ancient silk-road and visit monasteries, mountains, lakes and pagan temples along your way.

Off the beaten track travel in The Middle East

As home to the remnants of the ancient Persian empire, the Middle East offers a huge range of sites and fascinating must-see locations for anyone interested in an off the beaten track cultural discovery.

  • Visit Israel to see the age old setting of the bible and follow pilgrimage routes that have existed for thousands of years. Climb the Mount of Olives for an unbeatable panoramic view over the stunning city of Jerusalem before traveling to sites such as Nazareth and Galilee that few people would think to visit on an off the beaten track vacation.
  • Iran offers fantastic off the beaten track highlights of the Middle East. Explore ancient palaces, UNESCO sites, such as Persepolis or the 2000 year old Narein castle. Many may have read about these locations but few will get to see them in person.