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Foodie Vacations

Tailor-made tours for foodies, at local prices
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Tours for food lovers

With great travel comes great discovery. Whether that be new cultures, vastly different landscapes, or mouth-watering cuisine. So why not design a tour based around your favorite food? Discover the best Pad Thai in Bangkok, the tastiest tacos in Mexico, or the freshest seafood in Vietnam. Or, for those keen on cooking new dishes, why not take a class with the locals? You will not only have the experience of a lifetime but you will come away with lasting knowledge that has been passed down through generations of locals to create the food you love.

So sit back, relax and let your taste buds guide you to your next locally-made adventure!

Famous National dishes

With each distinct culture comes a distinct national dish. These are usually made entirely from local ingredients and flavors, using local culinary traditions that have been enjoyed for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years. Food is an incredible (and delicious) way to connect with local culture and to connect with local people. What better way to solidify a day of adventure and discovery in your memory than over a dish that has become a symbol of the nation. Food unites us all and so why not share this dish with a local, friend, host or guide who will be able to tell you the traditions, customs and beliefs associated with it.

  • Try Bobotie in South Africa, a dish made of spiced meat, mixed with dried apricots and sultanas, and covered with an egg based topping. Accompany this with some traditional music and a delicious local wine for an unforgettable South African evening.
  • Why not sample a real pizza in Italy, with a view of the Vatican or the leaning tower of Pisa. You may have tried your fair share of Italian dishes but we guarantee that nothing beats the real thing. Italian cuisine uses incredible local, fresh ingredients and so whether you fancy pizza, pasta, seafood or risotto, it will taste a hundred times better than any you’ve had before.  
  • Give Canadian Poutine a taste, for a delightful encounter with a deliciously indulgent mixture of potato, cheese-curds and gravy. Curl up in the warm and enjoy this hearty comfort food as the snow falls outside.
  • Korean Bulgogi is another national dish that is certainly not to be missed. A tender cut of beef is marinated in traditional flavors of ginger, soy sauce, garlic, sesame, pepper, onions and mushrooms. Tofu is also prepared in the same way for a vegetarian treat!

Local Food

Eating like a local is another essential part of traveling and discovering local culture. Sample traditional snacks, such as Turkish Baklava or take a break to enjoy typical refreshments such as Moroccan sweet mint tea. Stop and try street food for a cheap and delicious meal, with Asia being the king of roadside gastronomy.

Our local agents will be able to make suggestions for local favorite restaurants and foodie spots as well as to give you some advice on where you might want to steer clear!

Top Cuisine

Since food is an essential element of human survival it is no wonder that people all over the world have been experimenting and perfecting their gastronomical skill since the beginning of civilisation. Michelin starred restaurants can be found all over the world, with the top countries being France, Japan, Italy and Germany.

Why not form a food tour around these recommendations, visiting one of these top food lover’s destinations? Some lesser known alternatives also boast impressive rankings in the worldwide culinary scene, however, with cities such as Macau, China and Melbourne, Australia constantly attracting visitors to their many  phenomenal restaurants.

Nara, in Japan is also a hotspot for food tours, with famous dishes such as Wagyu Beef, top of the lists for many visitors. Cuisine here is akin to art and so it’s no wonder that food lovers are so drawn to this culturally rich city. Chefs here undergo intensive training that can last for years and they treat their food with utmost respect, from the cows they use to the fresh fruit and vegetables they grow, right up until the final element is plated. Enjoy both traditional and experimental food here, in the midst of fascinating Japanese culture and friendly local people.