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What to do in Argentina?

With its end of the world feel, Argentina attracts and surprises. Its very rich unique cultureits varied breath-taking scenery or even its dynamic and bustling capital city, Buenos Aires, mesmerise travellers. Whether you choose to concentrate on one area, or alternatively travel the breadth and width of the country, a trip to Argentina has what it takes to satisfy all your desires. Its landmass covers a part of the luxurious amazon forest, pampas plains, and also the steppes and glaciers of Patagonia for enthusiasts of extensive hikes and treks. Argentina also shares two of its geographical landmarks between its neighbours, who are witnesses to the incredible diversity that the country has to offer: in the north-east the majestic Iguazu Falls are divided into three parts; one in Brazil, another in Paraguay, and finally the most spectacular falls of the park which are home to the Devil’s Throat, on the Argentinian side. Nearly 4,300km from there, at the southernmost point of the country, Argentina covers a third of the legendary Tierra del Fuego, the rest of which is controlled by Chile. Ushuaïa still remains to this day the Eldorado of escapism in the hearts of adventurers. So, are you ready for your trip to Argentina ?

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When to go in Argentina?

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Start planning your Argentina food tour

Argentinian cuisine is most famous for its grilled steaks and fine wines. With asado (barbecue), dulce de leche, empanadas, crisp white wines, and full-bodied reds, an Argentina food tour is guaranteed to satisfy the appetites of any hungry traveler.

What makes Argentina a great destination for foodies?

Argentina is well-known around the world for its food. Cattle farming has long been an important industry here, and this means Argentina is one of the best places to try a high-quality steak, lovingly prepared, and meticulously seasoned. The country also has a number of other traditional dishes that have evolved from a mix of indigenous culinary traditions, Spanish colonization, and the fertile, agricultural landscape. The climate here is also ideal for grape cultivation, making Argentina one of the world's leading wine producers.

The best gastronomy tours in Argentina

If you’re planning a food tour of Argentina, here are just a few of the experience that could feature on your trip.

Taste wines in the Uco Valley

Home to some of the best vineyards in Argentina, the Uco Valley is located near the city of Mendoza. This is a great place to take a wine tour and sample the region's specialty. red grape varieties such as Malbec, Cabernet, and Merlot are best paired with the local cuisine.

Sample asado barbecue

One of the most important elements in Argentinian cooking is asado, or barbecue. It’s typical to cook meat, sausages, vegetables, and sweetbreads over the fire, which can be found at restaurants pretty much everywhere. Order a selection to share at your table.

Shop and dine at Puerto de Frutos

In the riverside town of Tigre, not far from Buenos Aires, is a converted fruit market called Puerto de Frutos. It's still filled with stalls selling fresh fruits and vegetables, but you’ll also find a wide range of open-air restaurants and ice cream stores, perfect for enjoying local treats on a sunny day.

Learn to cook empanadas

Empanadas, baked pastry turnovers with a meat or cheese filling, are a major staple in Argentina. What better way to learn more about the local culture and delight your tastebuds at the same time than learning to make this popular dish? Take a cooking class and you’ll be able to recreate the dish at home whenever you want to remember your trip. 

Visit the wine region of Cafayate

Though it has been a wine-producing region for some time, Cafayate is gradually gaining recognition for its exceptional Torrontes whites. Along with visiting the area's many vineyards, visitors can also learn more at the Museum of the Vine and Wine of Cafayate in Salta. 

Tips for planning a food tour in Argentina

The best time for an Argentina food tour is during the spring (October to mid-December) and fall (April to June), avoiding the crowds of the peak season and while the weather is sunny and mild, perfect for al fresco dining. The wine harvest takes place from February to April, and is kicked off with the National Grape Harvest Festival (Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia) in Mendoza.

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