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An update from Evaneos

Couples Vacations

Tailor-made tours for couples, at local prices.
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Customizable tours for couples

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Traveling as a Couple

What better way to get to know one another than by traveling as a couple, discovering far flung corners of the globe and the cultures, history and secrets that reside there? Traveling as a couple is an unbeatable experience and you can learn new things about one another as well as about the countries that you want to visit together.

When it comes to traveling as a couple, there are so many options and choices. Lucky really, since every couple is so different and may have a totally different idea about what a romantic couples getaway should involve.

Couples Retreat

For some, the idea of lying on a beach is a welcome one; relaxing and chatting, as the crystal blue waters splash against the fine white sand of a remote island paradise. After all that relaxing, why not go the whole way, with a trip to the spa? Many establishments offer special couples’ spa retreats, with treatments for him and her and all the pampering you could both wish for. Even if the spa isn’t your cup of tea, who wouldn’t want to spend a week or two on an island that seems as though it was made just for you. Explore during the days and enjoy romantic meals every evening in a different spot. Why not visit a country where you can see the Northern Lights, such as Iceland or Greenland, for the most romantic lighting for your meal in the entire world.

Couples Adventure

A beach vacation isn’t for everyone, however, and some couples aren’t so easily entertained by the tranquility that this type of getaway offers. Adrenaline-seeking couples are spoilt for choice when trying to find entertainment during their trip. Whether you simply want to explore together, hiking, cycling, diving or driving, or if you’re after more of an adrenaline rush with a skydive or bungee jump, you’ll be able to make some truly unforgettable memories with your significant other on a couples adventure tour. Countries such as Jordan offer so many choices for an active couple's adventure, such as hiking through the lunar landscapes of Wadi Rum or visit Costa Rica for the chance to explore one of many National Parks. After all that adventure, you may even decide you do want to relax after all for a day or two - we won’t tell anyone!

Couples Culture Trip

If history and culture fascinates you both, and you love nothing more than learning about new destinations and meeting the people that call these places home, then a couples culture trip is for you. Stay in a local homestay together for a truly authentic experience that you’ll be talking about for years to come. Sri Lanka has become synonymous with romantic destination but it is also home to some ancient temples that few get to explore. Experience the history and ruins of ancient civilisations and share this truly eye-opening experience, whilst appreciating the modern day culture of your chosen destination through delicious local food and wine: date night never looked so good.

Couples Luxury Travel

A trip away together in a fantastic way to mark or celebrate a special occasion such as an anniversary or honeymoon. Luxury Travel as a couple is a large market, and has a choice range to match so you certainly won’t be met with a shortage of options. Aside from typical luxury destinations for couples, why not pick a destination where you can really appreciate one another, off-the-beaten-track and away from crowds. Madagascar, for instance, has an incredible array of romantic and unusual accommodation options, such as tree houses or forest lodges. Greenland too, is home to some breathtaking luxury accommodation for couples. Stay in an ice hotel with a private hot tub or even in a glass topped pod, from which you’ll be able to see the Aurora Borealis lighting up the night sky.

Best destinations for couples

The possibilities really are endless, and with over 160 destinations to choose from all around the globe, so are Evaneos’ options. There is something for every couple, whether its a romantic getaway to Rome, a couples retreat to Vietnam or trekking through the jungle in Colombia.

The world is your oyster!

The best destinations for couples