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Where to go in February

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Traveling in February

City trips in February

A February city trip can be a great way to experience the culture of your chosen destinations. Explore the culture, food, art, architecture and meet the diverse range of people who live in some of the most fascinating and beautiful cities around the world.

  • Take the ultimate February city break on a trip to the Big Apple. In New York you’ll have so much to explore that you’ll feel as though you could stay forever. Walk around Central Park in the snow or escape the chill in one of the cities many museums, galleries, bars or restaurants.
  • For a weekend city break in February, Amsterdam is always a good choice. Wander along the famous canals and cobbled streets and explore this fascinating city, where you’ll see clues as to its rich history around every corner. Try out Amsterdam’s many chic restaurants and bars, enjoying some amazing food, wine and music.
  • If you’re looking for an adventurous city trip, why not visit Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and soak up the vibrant, buzzing atmosphere in a city which never sleeps. Relax on the beach, escaping any cold February temperatures which you might find elsewhere, or discover the city’s various up-and-coming districts, with cool bars and shops everywhere you look.

Winter sun vacations in February

Nothing is more satisfying than escaping the cold and smugly jetting off to an exotic location in the sun. Why deal with the cold weather of February when you could escape it with a fantastic trip to a winter sun location? 

  • Travel to Cuba to enjoy the sunny weather and tropical atmosphere. Relax on the beach, drink in hand and enjoy the laid back city, which feels as though you have traveled back to the 50s.
  • Take a trip to Morocco to enjoy the almost year-round sun as you explore the streets; filled with ancient palaces, mosques and buildings. Take a day trip into the desert, where you can ride a camel over the sand dunes, or even spend a night in the desert under the stars.
  • Travel to Vietnam to escape the cold and to enjoy the incredible backdrop of this asian gem. Taste delicious food, explore nature and meet the welcoming, friendly people who live here. Relax on one of the country’s amazing beaches and look out over turquoise waters.  

Winter vacations in February

To make the most of the beautiful scenery that the winter months can bring, why not go to on of Northern Europe’s winter destinations and explore in the snow. Go dog-sledding, stay in an igloo or go skiing and have the winter trip of a lifetime.

  • Visit Iceland and stay in an ice hotel or watch The Northern Lights as they light up the sky. Explore Reykjavik and enjoy the cultural sites. Spend time visiting galleries, museums and restaurants as you discover this incredible February destination.
  • Russia’s famous winters are a fantastic choice for anyone wanting to visit a real winter wonderland in February. Discover the cities of Moscow or St Petersburg and see the famous royal palaces and cathedral.
  • For an active winter vacation in the snow, visit Greenland and go snowshoeing or dog-sledding and then relax in a traditional hot tub in Greenland and tick a sighting of the Northern Lights off your bucket list. Enjoy the beautiful countryside of Greenland as you explore the impressive ice cap or take a snowmobile tour to discover your surroundings.

Best wildlife destinations in February

Whether you’re an animal lover, a nature enthusiast or a family with children; a wildlife tour will be unforgettable no matter where you choose to go. Here are our top 3 for wildlife destinations in February.

  • Visit the Brazilian rainforests and visit the most loved animals that live here. See sloths, anteaters, armadillos, tapirs and much more. Take a boat ride and see animals in their natural habitats, or walk through the rainforest and get up close and personal.  
  • Go to Iceland and see the puffins, wild horses and whales that live here. Take a boat out and go ice fishing before returning to your accommodation and enjoying the Northern Lights which are at their best at this time of year.
  • Visit New Zealand’s famous animals, such as Kiwis, dolphins, penguins, seals,  birds of prey and so much more. The intense landscapes of New Zealand provide a backdrop that is unlike any other and you will never forget your encounter with these animals.

Best festivals in February

A festival is the perfect excuse to get away this February and the world is your oyster. Here are our top choices for festivals around the world in February.

  • Carnaval de Oruro in Bolivia is a religious festival that dates back 200 years and is one of UNESCO’s most celebrated festivals. It showcases traditional dance and music in numerous processions and is a hugely colorful and fascinating to see. Why not time your visit to Bolivia in order to experience this festival in all its glory?
  • As possibly the most famous carnival in the world, Carnival in Rio, Brazil, is an unmissable February festival. Experience the world-famous atmosphere of this huge celebration, tasting incredible food and listening to Brazilian music as you join in with the celebration of a lifetime.
  • Sapporo snow festival, Japan is an incredible display of creativity. Started in 1950 when a few students built some snow statues in the park, this has escalated each year to its current status; a huge event showcasing incredible snow and ice statues of life-sized temples, animals, people, or anything you can think of.

Family vacations in February

February half-term is the perfect time to get away as a family and you’ll be able to spend some incredible time together on a trip to one of our top choices for family getaways for February.  

  • Visit Spain for a huge range of choice that’s sure to please the whole family. Whether you want to explore one of Spain’s cities, such as Barcelona or Madrid, with theme parks, interactive museums and numerous attractions. Travel into the Spanish countryside for an active family vacation where you can cycle, hike, horse ride and explore.
  • Costa Rica is one of the best worldwide destinations for a family trip. See animals that live here on a canopy tour through the rain forest or go river rafting through the rapids for a thrill.
  • The USA has so much to offer a family looking for the trip of a lifetime. Visit natural wonders of The Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone and so much more, or visit cities such as Washington D.C. and Chicago to experience the charm of these locations.

Honeymoon ideas in February

After a winter wedding, a February honeymoon is a chance to enjoy an incredibly romantic destination and escape to sunnier shores to enjoy some time together in the sun and relax on your first trip as a married couple.

  • For a classic honeymoon, visit Sri Lanka, whose breathtaking beaches and coves will be the perfect place to enjoy one another’s company before relaxing in a spa or luxury hotel. Explore Sri Lankan towns and cities while you’re here and see the bustle that this destination is so well known for. Try incredible authentic Sri Lankan food or even luxury cuisine.
  • For an incredible honeymoon, why not visit Kenya? As the land of the safari, you’ll be able to see all of the country’s most famous animals, including the Big Five. Stay in a luxury tent and feel at one with nature.
  • Relax on the picture-perfect beaches of Thailand, or stay on an island and feel as though you are the only two people for miles. Swim in the warm waters, explore the local area or enjoy delicious food.

The best destinations in February