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Russia fascinates people. It is the largest country in the world, 70 times bigger than the UK, has one foot in Europe, one in Asia and covers almost a seventh of the planet’s land mass… This excessiveness is not limited to its geography. It is a country rich in culture, that has given us some of the most brilliant artists, whether musicians or writers. A trip to Russia will automatically take you to St-Petersburg: ancient capital of the tsars and cultural centre of Russia; with its numerous canals, it is often called the Venice of the north… 450 miles to the south, is Moscow, the largest town in Europe, with 10 million inhabitants. It is a sprawling capital, where all the populace of the Federation are represented; Moscow will rarely leave you indifferent. You then need to leave the towns to reach the vast expanses of Russia. Discover the edges of the biggest soft-water lake in the world, Lake Baïkal. Have a taste of Russian soul, by travelling on a train for hours and hours – probably the trans-Siberian train; or even a cruise on the Volga, the biggest river in Europe, that, with its tributaries, cuts across the biggest part of the country… These varied experiences will no doubt allow you to fall under the spell of Russia…
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Guide to travelling in Russia

Russia’s natural side will undoubtedly draw you to the banks of Lake Baïkal, a true inland freshwater sea, that extends north- and southwards over hundreds of miles. More than 300 different watercourses empty into the lake, making it the largest freshwater supply in the world. A true jewel of aquatic biodiversity! Perhaps you have read Sylvain Tesson and are walking in his tracks and, like him, you take pleasure in “living as a hermit beneath the trees”. Nature in Russia may also be experienced with a cruise on the Volga. In the middle ages, “Mother Volga” as the Russians sometimes call it, marked Russia’s eastern frontier. The river’s navigability and the beauty of the towns it passes through make a cruise on this river an unforgettable moment: an excellent way to discover this region. Another way of sensing the Russian spirit is to embark on the Transiberian, today an iconic railway line, but which was a nightmare for the thousands of prisoners and workers who laid the 5,500 miles of track… More than a means of transport, today it is a place for meeting, setting off and discovering.

When to go in Russia?

The climate of the largest country in the world is very cold in the north and east. Winters there are very cold and during the spring the melting snow makes for generally muddy conditions. So avoid travelling to Russia in the spring, it is far too muddy. The country is beautiful in autumn, when the colours of nature change and offer spectacular landscapes. And even if the winter is icy, it is the period when the country is at its most magical. The theatres are open and the vodka flows abundantly! Those who fear the cold will stick to the months of July and August, but beware if you don't like crowds: these are the busiest months!
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Needed to travel from Moscow to a remote part of Russia to organize a marriage.
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destination was very good, Julia, at Tsar Travels was very efficient, she got everything organized like a swiss clock. all drivers, guides, hotel bookings, train booking worked very well and we optimized the time. Hotels were perfectly located. the one in Suzdal was less good but i think there was little choice there some of the guides were better than others. the guide in St. Petersburg the first 2 days (city tour and Hermitage) was the best, the guide in Peteroff was probably the least good...
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We had hired Evaneos for our 3 weeks long trip to Russia in July/August 2018. We had custom itinerary and Evaneos arranged for us Car with Driver as well as hotels and English speaking guides for entire trip. We visited Vladimir, Bogolubovo, Suzdel, Kostroma, Yaroslav, Serguiev Possad, Moscow, Kazan, Bolgar, Sviyazhsk, St. Petersburg, Shlisselburg, Velikiy Novgorold. All drivers were very nice and courteous. We had hired all guides who spoke English, some of them had heavy accent, but this was expected. Some of our guides were Olga in Vladimir, who was excellent she worked for a museum and she was very enthusiastic and gave us lot of info and answered all our questions. She accompanied us to Veggie Bro which served excellent falafal, we enjoyed her company and I would highly recommend her. Elena was our guide in Suzdal, she was knowledgeable and gave us lot of history of city. Ileena was our guide in Kostorma, she was lovely and very informative. We had Natalia in Moscow who accompanied us in Riverboat tour. All our guides and drivers were excellent for Kazan. They helped us out with our luggage and finding vegetarian food restaurants for us. We really enjoyed Kazan sightseeing with a day trip to Bolgar. Our guide and driver in St. Petersburg were excellent and they made our trip really enjoyable. I cannot emphasize the hard work of Julia and Jana who are representative of Evaneos for Russia with whom we worked almost a month and a half before our trip with over 100 emails exchanged and many Whatsup phone calls. Both were good communicators and we had speedy response to all our questions. I would highly recommend guides and drivers we were given. Our trip was smooth and I am very grateful to all involved in making our tour very successful. Thank you Evaneos and please thank all the drivers and guides that were involved in making our tour successful on our behalf. Last but least Jana & Julia, you are the BEST.
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