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Vacations in Latin America

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Traveling in Latin America

Where to go in Latin America 

Latin America’s vast area and huge range of countries and cultures make it an incredible place to visit, no matter what you’re after from you tailor-made trip. Whether you’re traveling alone, as a couple, as a family or as a group, you’ll love this destination, wherever you decide to go within its borders. History lovers won’t be able to get enough of the ancient cultures which lived here, with ancient sites still preserved today. Food lovers will adore the flavorful food, which is different in every country. Music lovers can delve into both traditional and modern music which plays an important role in Latin American culture. Adventure lovers will be easily entertained, trekking across dramatic landscapes, cycling along thrilling coastal roads, climbing active volcanoes, exploring vast jungles and getting to know the people that make Latin America so vibrant. 

Where to go in Latin America for music?

  • Enjoy an evening of Jazz in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where you can dance the night away after enjoying phenomenal food and excellent company.
  • Take in some more traditional Latin American music in Bogota, Colombia as you stroll its quirky streets.
  • For a classic all round Latin American experience, be sure not to miss the annual Carnival in Rio, Brazil. Join in with hundreds of thousands of people and lose yourself in the celebratory music, bright colors, outrageous costumes and sheer joy of this traditional occasion.
  • If you fancy some more modern music which you can really dance to, go to a Reggaeton club in Mexico. 

You’ll meet a whole range of people here, all united by their love of music.

Where to go in Latin America for food?

Food is something which we can all appreciate and is sure to add an incredible dimension to your discovery of any country.

  • Go to Cusco, Peru, for some up and coming gastronomy, in a destination which has become a very exciting visit for any food lover.
  • São Paulo in Brazil can offer you a new and fascinating take on traditional Latin American foods. You’ll be able to find true classics, or exciting new fusion foods, or find a happy ground right in the middle.
  • For the best seafood in Latin America Santiago, Chile, is one destination that is not to be missed. While it is inland, it is relatively close to the Chilean coast and so give you a fascinating mixture of seaside food and city culture. If a true seaside town is what you’re after, then visit Viña del Mar, ,which lies not far to the East of Santiago. You’ll be able to enjoy the authentic atmosphere, food and wine here.
  • If food for you is more than just taste, but is part of culture and history,  then Mexico City is certainly the place for you. As the oldest capital city in Latin America, food here is heavily influenced by the region’s rich history. Enjoy a delightful meal after seeing the well-preserved Aztec ruins which lie in Mexico City’s surrounding areas.
  • Lima in Peru is the ultimate Latin American city for those who love high end cuisine. Visit one of many incredible restaurants on any of the cities cosmopolitan streets.

Where to go in Latin America for adventure?

  • At the Southernmost tip of Latin America lies Patagonia, which is arguably the best destination in the world for hiking. Hike through the unbeatable landscapes here that will make you feel as though you’ve entered a new and unfamiliar world. Hiking isn’t the only option though, you can also kayak or even go horse riding through the national parks here.
  • True adrenaline junkies will love the experience of mountain biking on the Death Road, Bolivia. Located in a thrilling backdrop of steep cliffs and tight corners, this one is not for the faint-hearted.
  • The Volcanoes of Ecuador will give you the chance to go for walks unlike any other. How often to you get to stroll across an active volcano, as plumes of smoke rise into the sky above you? As an added bonus, the flora and fauna here are spectacular.
  • If fauna and flora are what you’re after, whilst still getting a truly thrilling adventure, then go snorkeling and discover the incredible species that live in The Galapagos and are widely considered the most famous residents of these islands.
  • For a thrill that the whole family will love, go white water rafting in Argentina. You won’t forget the feeling of rushing down these bubbling rivers whilst seeing the jungle on the banks either side of you.
  • Costa Rica has become a Mecca for surfers from all around the world, thanks to its amazing conditions. Why not give this thrilling pastime a go, or if you’re a seasoned surfer, come and hone your skills in the warm waters and pleasant sunshine.

Where to go in Latin America for relaxation?

  • When you think of relaxing on a beach, white sand, turquoise waters and tranquil evenings, you probably picture something that looks just like Cancun in Mexico. Take in the sun as you escape daily life in this beach paradise.
  • If isolation and escape is what you’re after then Fernando de Noronha in Brazil is the perfect option. Visitors are limited to 500 tourists a day by the government, meaning that you’ll never be met with the crowds that can ruin a relaxing vacation. Most of this peninsula is made up of national park (almost 70%, in fact), making it the perfect place to connect with nature.
  • Why not visit Belize for a week or two to relax whilst enjoying food and drink here. Go snorkeling and enjoy underwater tranquility of Belize’s waters, or relax in a luxurious spa.
  • Panama, known as ‘The Biological Bridge’ is the perfect place to relax alongside nature and any nature lover will not be able to get enough of this wonderful destination.

Where to go in Latin America for culture?

  • Mix ancient and more modern culture in Mexico City. Culture here goes back centuries and can be seen in the fascinating Aztec ruins that lie in the city’s surrounding areas. Alongside this you’ll find more modern art and culture, such as the Frida Kahlo museum.
  • The world famous, Christ the Redeemer can be seen in Rio de Janeiro and is a must see for those interested Latin American artistic culture. Carnival can also be experienced here, so why not time your visit to get to experience these two elements.
  • Cuzco has some beautiful architecture that anyone can appreciate. As the former capital of the ancient Inca civilisation, it is also home to many less visited ruins, so you’ll be able to enjoy them without the crowds of more well-known sites.
  • Guatemala’s Tikal is a Unesco World Heritage Site that is sure to impress even those who don’t count themselves as culture or history lovers.