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Argentina vacations

Argentina vacations

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Few countries can match Argentina's seductive combination of off-the-map escapes, culinary vacations and whistle-stop city breaks. This land of waterfalls, glaciers, and vineyards doesn't just impress with its grandiose scenery but its wildlife, ancient ruins, and culture. Even if you've visited Argentina before, you'll find something new to discover each time you return. Bordered by Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay, Argentina is also a great ... Few countries can match Argentina's seductive combination of off-the-map escapes, culinary vacations and whistle-stop city breaks. This land of waterfalls, glaciers, and vineyards doesn't just impress with its grandiose scenery but its wildlife, ancient ruins, and culture. Even if you've visited Argentina before, you'll find something new to discover each time you return. Bordered by Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay, Argentina is also a great place to combine with another South American country on a multi-destination tour. See more
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Whether you choose to concentrate on one area or travel the entire country, Argentina vacations allow you to pack a lot into a short trip. South America's second-biggest country promises diverse landscapes in one sitting. Its landmass covers part of the Amazon, the Pampas Plains, Iguazu Falls, and Patagonia’s steppes and glaciers. Argentina’s sheer size also means you can have you pick when it comes to choosing things to see and do. Its UNESCO-listed natural wonders amaze even in high season when the country's national parks draw hikers, climbers, and kayakers from around the world. You could think about taking a road trip to see the country’s changing scenery at your own pace, stopping at cozy local lodges along the way. Or, for world-class cuisine and fine wines, make Mendoza your first destination. Our local heroes will tailor-make your perfect Argentina itinerary, whether you’re looking to find a customizable tour with airport pick-ups and private transfers, want go off-grid hunting for dinosaur steps with the little ones, or plan to up the adrenaline on a trip packed with adventure activities.

Best things to see and do in Argentina

What to see in Argentina

  • Cities: start your trip to Argentina with a few days in Buenos Aires. Be sure to visit the Plaza de Mayo, the city’s antique shops, the cobblestone streets of San Telmo, the Casa Rosada, and the Teatro Colon opera house. Combine walking tours with trips to outdoor markets, or ferias, andmove your feet to the rhythms of tango on La Boca’s Caminito Street. Salta and Córdoba should also be on your itinerary if you're interested in architecture and history.
  • The 'End of the World': aptly nicknamed the 'End of the World,' Ushuaia is located at the southernmost point of South America. The region is best known for Tierra del Fuego National Park, an Andean-Patagonian park featuring the most beautiful hiking trails in the country. Specialized local guides will take you on hiking excursions and on canoe trips past waterfalls and lagoons. You can even round off your trip with a boat ride on the Beagle Channel to see the sea lions lazing on nearby rocks.
  • Wildlife: No trip is complete without learning more about Argentinian wildlife, particularly rare species and those endemic to South America. The Valdes Peninsula, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a fantastic spot for whale-watching. Happy Feet fans will fall in love with the Punta Tombo Penguin Reserve’s friendly residents, the largest colony of Magellan penguins in Latin America.
  • Patagonia: a short flight from Buenos Aires takes you to El Calafate, one of Patagonia's most beautiful national parks. Come to marvel at (and photograph) the glistening Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentino Lake, and Los Glaciares National Park, as well as the vistas overlooking the staggering Torre Hills and Fitz Roy Mountain.
  • Iguaçu Falls: spread across over 1.5 miles and reaching heights of more than 200 feet, the thunderingIguaçu Falls lie between Argentina and Brazil. Jaguars, ocelots, eagles, toucans, anteaters, and many more also roam freely in the rugged wilderness of Iguaçu National Park.
  • National parks: Argentina has an impressive 36 national parks dotted throughout the country. Iguaçu, and those found in Patagonia aside, Talampaya, Ischigualasto (the 'Valley of the Moon'), and Los Arrayanes National Park are some of our favorites. You'll find everything from trekking and mountain biking to dinosaur-fossil-hunting trips and wildlife-watching opportunities. Other popular parks include Nahuel Huapi National Park, the perfect stop-off for a honeymoon getaway. You and your partner will feel like the only people for miles around in this secluded haven in the Andes foothills.
  • Lakes: we can’t talk about Argentina without mentioning its lakes. It's no surprise that travelers from all over the world flock to the picturesque Lake District, between Patagonia and the Andes. There's something for everyone here, from azure Alpine lakes, such as Traful and Machónico for kayaking, to smaller lakes such as Espejo Chic where you’ll see mirror-sharp reflections of the snow-topped mountains on the surface.

What to do in Argentina

  • River tours: a one-week tour of Argentina gives you enough time to explore at least one of its many rivers. Even just 30 minutes from Buenos Aires you can discover the El Tigre Delta, cruising between islands and observing its unique ecosystems.
  • Hiking and nature excursions: a half-day trip to San Carlos de Bariloche, or Bariloche, as the locals call it, takes you to the country’s capital of adventure tourism. Along with taking in postcard-worthy views across Lake Moreno and Lake Nahuel Huapi, you can also set off on a nature walk through the native forest of Llao-Llao Nature Park.
  • Experience life as a cowboy: if you’re fond of Ennio Morricone films, choose a guided tour to the countryside near San Antonio de Areco in the Pampas. From the estancias here, you can go horseback riding in a 'sulky' (carriage), savor a traditional barbecue meal, and watch a folk show topped off by an authentic gaucho demonstration by resident cowboys. 
  • Adventure activities: looking to embark on a full day of hiking in the Andes, or go rafting in El Chalten? You can choose between a range of activities tailored to your fitness level, all led by an English-speaking guide. Depending on when you decide to visit, activities include cycling, rafting, camping, rock climbing, fly-fishing, horseback riding, glacier hiking, and skiing—the sky's the limit.
  • Explore Inca ruins: no trip to Argentina is complete without delving into the country's fascinating history. Take a trip to Tilcara in Jujuy province to visit the Archaeological Museum and its nearby pre-Inca ruins, or pukará, and uncover ancient fortifications estimated to date back over 10,000 years.
  • Take a road trip: if you’re headed on a two-week tour of Argentina, why not hit the road? Our local experts will help you pick the perfect route, skipping busy roads and city traffic for gloriously peaceful scenic drives. The famous National Route 40, which follows The Andes, is the best route to ensure you have time to see everything on your list at your own pace.
  • Go wine tasting:if Malbec's your jam, you've come to the right place. Argentina's climate provides ideal conditions for wine production. In the country’s northern-central region, the vineyards and lodges in Lujan de Cuyo in Mendoza are some of the continent’s most beautiful, set against a backdrop of the snow-capped Andes. Some are small, family-run enterprises where you can drop by for tastings, others are large wineries offering extensive guided tours.

Best time to visit Argentina

Since its seasons are inverted, finding the best time to travel to Argentina can be tricky. Luckily, our local heroes are here to help you curate your tailor-made trip. The best time to visit Argentina is between March and April, as fall brings cool temperatures perfect for outdoor adventures, or October and November as the weather is mild. If you’d like to spend your holidays in the sun, you’re in luck; Argentina over Christmas is when destinations such as Buenos Aires and Patagonia come alive. While you can explore Patagonia throughout the year, be sure to check the forecast before embarking on an adventure during Argentinian winter.

Travel tips and advice for traveling to Argentina

Visa regulations for Argentina

Citizens of the US with a valid passport can enjoy a 90-day visa-free stay in Argentina. Consult your government's visa website for moreinformation and specific entry requirements.

Vaccinations for Argentina

While Argentina is generally safe, its mosquito population and climate do increase the risk of contracting certain diseases. It’s best to ask your doctor or GP about vaccinations for the following illnesses: chikungunya, dengue, DTP, hepatitis A, malaria, rabies, yellow fever, and Zika virus. We also recommend packing a good mosquito repellent.

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