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Sport and Adventure Vacations

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Customizable sport and adventure tours

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Sport and Adventure Vacations

What better way to experience true adventure than by doing it in another part of the world, completely different from your own? Go skydiving, learn to scuba dive, cycle coastal roads, hike up volcanoes and meet local people. All this is bound to make an unforgettable trip! Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or simply want to walk on the wild side for the first time, you won’t have a shortage of destinations to choose from. Active vacations are a great way to get to know your destination since they typically take place almost entirely outside. You will feel a connection to the country after hiking its hills, walking through its forests and meeting the people and animals who live there. Adventure can be anything from trying a new local food to abseiling down a dramatic cliff face, so adventure vacations can cater to daredevils of all varieties.

Adventure Tours

The rise of adventure vacations means that many destinations now have activities for thrill-seeking travelers.

  • Go Skydiving and see the landscape from a totally new perspective whilst making unforgettable memories. Whilst skydiving can be expensive it is worth it to get the feeling of adrenaline rushing through your veins that few other experiences can match. If you fancy a thrill, but perhaps not at 12,000 feet, sign up for a bungee jump. This can be done in a number of iconic locations such as canyons and bridges, which are breathtaking in their own right. For these kind of thrills, why not visit Australia, the ideal destination for adrenaline seekers. After all that excitement, relax on the beach for a barbecue, try your hand at surfing or head into town to enjoy the chic restaurants and bars in Australia’s main cities.
  • Columbia offers its visitors may adventurous opportunities, such as white water rafting down the rapids at Barichara. Along the calmer sections you’ll be able to take in the beautiful jungle scenery along the banks as well as the many animals that live here.
  • Try your hand at horse riding, with the help of a nomadic horse trainer in Mongolia and have the adventure of a lifetime, learning to live on the move and building a bond with your horse. See how these Mongolian nomads live day to day and learn about their ancient traditions and customs in the beautiful backdrop of Mongolia.
  • Drive a 4 x 4 or quad-bike through the bizarre looking sand dunes of Wadi Rum in Jordan, which you may recognize from your favorite films, such as Star Wars. Roam the dunes and enjoy the sun set as you’ve never seen it before, as you enjoy a traditional meal cooked on an open fire in the desert.

Cycling Tours

A cycling vacation is the perfect option for more active travelers since it allows you to see so much of the country whilst still traveling at a reasonable pace and getting in some exercise along the way to make you feel as though you’ve really earned some down time at each stop-off point.

  • Cycle (or hire a motorbike) through Vietnam for stunning mountain paths and views over the famous paddy fields. Travel all the way to Sapa National park and stay with a local family, spending a day learning about harvesting rice in the paddy fields and tasting delicious local food and drink.
  • Enjoy a guided mountain bike tour around Crete and see ancient sites and beautiful scenery. Take a coastal path and stop off in the many ports and coves along the way, discovering the authentic villages and towns that make up this destination.

Hiking Tours

Hiking allows you to reach points that planes, cars and even bikes can’t get to. This means that you’ll see sights that are only available to those who’ve put in the effort to get to these remote spots, and we guarantee the reward will be huge.

  • The classic Spanish countryside is home to the Pyrenees and some fantastic walking and hiking routes. Hike in and out of the mountains, around medieval villages, national parks and Mediterranean cities.
  • Follow the slopes of the Hekla volcano in Iceland or the Thorsmork Nature Reserve, or walk up to the Ofaerufoss Waterfall before jumping into a natural hot spring to relax or heading out on a boat to catch fish for your traditional Icelandic meal.