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When to go in Crete?

The best time to go to Crete is between April and October. Although the beaches are packed in July and August, the climate is lovely, the water just the right temperature and the evenings warm. The shoulder seasons are ideal for hiking. Avoid travelling between November and March, when everything closes earlier and it can rain.
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We loved Agios Nikolaos. The weather was perfect, sometimes too windy to be on the beach, but we got a lot of sun and swimming. The food was excellent. It was easy to get to see other places if we were so inclined.
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I was intrigued by the Evaneos pitch that I could get a tailored itinerary by a local expert and I wanted to put that to the test -- I actually picked Crete based on the Petassos description catching my attention while browsing the Evaneos website. We were able to arrange a tailored itinerary as was promised. Our itinerary coupled a few guided days with driver together with a longer self-guided hiking trip. We were very pleased with how it all turned out. Chryssa and Petassos provided great support/communications during the visit to help us with a few questions and needs that came up along the way. I will be writing one or more blog articles about our experiences at
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Went along central and eastern Crete to every site possible and then some more!
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