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Classic tours around the world

Where to Go for Classic Tours Around the World?

With a growing desire for new and thrilling experiences it can be easy to forget that the classic sites are so well loved for a reason. After all, what’s the point in traveling to the Galapagos and missing out on seeing its world famous animals, or to Australia and missing out on the Sydney Opera house? Have you really seen a place if you haven’t seen its classic sites? Whilst every country has its must-see sites, here are some of our classic destinations that you have to see at least once.

Classic Tours in Europe

  • The Northern Lights is undoubtedly one of the world’s top must-see phenomena, and whilst it can be seen from various locations, nowhere is it more magnificent than from its Northern European viewing points. Visit IcelandGreenland and Norway and take in their incredible cultures, people and histories before relaxing under the stars and enjoying an incredible natural show.
  • For a classic tour of Europe, Italy is an unmissable destination, not least for its classic food and drink. Where better to try a traditional pizza than in the winding streets of Naples or Rome, before setting off for some site-seeing around classic sites such as The Vatican?

Classic Tours in The Americas

  • For culture and history lovers, Machu Picchu in Peru is a must-see and one that should certainly make it on to any list of classic destinations. It is unbeatable for its extremely well-preserved Mayan artefacts and architecture. You will learn about the beliefs and traditions of the Mayan people, including folklore and legends that your guide will bring to life along the way.
  • Animal lovers should not miss out on a visit to The Amazon, which will be an unforgettable classic tour. Visit Bolivia, Ecuador or Colombia to see a huge variety of animals, from the tiny tree frog to the majestic leopard. Travel along The Amazon on foot, by raft, by boat or by car and take in the incredible views over the dense forest and various volcanic sites that tower over the canopies.
  • For people who have seen the world’s largest mammals on a Whale Watching trip to the Galapagos, this classic experience is always described as unforgettable, unmissable and even life changing. You will always remember seeing the beauty of these incredible creatures for yourself, living in their natural habitat.
  • There is a reason that the Grand Canyon, USA, is so often featured in Hollywood, as well as in the itineraries of so many travelers from all over the world. The Grand Canyon’s dramatic rock formations, deep orange color as the sun sets in the distance and sheer vastness are all part of its undeniable charm. Its ability to make almost anyone feel insignificant in comparison makes any visit here a humbling classic adventure that everyone should experience at least once.

Classic Tours in Asia

  • If you’ve always wanted to feel like Indiana Jones or Lara Croft, head over to Angkor Wat in Cambodia which should make it on to the bucket list of any adventurous traveler. Feel as though you are discovering these phenomenal temples, covered in twisted vines and ancient trees, for the very first time and see the temples that have featured in so many of your favorite films for yourself.
  • For architecture lovers, be sure not to miss what is arguably the greatest feat of architecture in the world. The detail and intricacy that can be seen at the Taj Mahal in India, despite its enormous size, as well as the story behind its construction is bound to leave you speechless.
  • No classic trip to Southern Asia would be complete without a visit to ‘the pearl of the Indian Ocean’: Sri Lanka. Spend time with the famous Sri Lankan elephants at a wildlife reserve, bathing them and learning all about this incredible species.

Classic Tours in Africa

  • When we think of a Safari vacation, its hard not to think of a Big Five Safari in Kenya. As the definitive safari, it is an unmissable classic travel experience. Go during the dry season to ensure that you see as many animals as possible as they meet at the water holes that are dotted around the vast, flat landscape. Getting up close to the world’s largest and most majestic animals is something you will never forget.

Classic Tours in Oceania

  • Sadly, not all these classic sites will last forever. One example of an unmissable experience that generations to come may not get the chance to see is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Make the most of this otherworldly adventure under the waves and discover the huge range of wildlife that calls this reef home. Even if diving is not your thing, why not drive along the great Ocean Road for the road trip of a lifetime?

Classic Tours in The Middle East

  • Not many travelers get the chance to visit an ancient city which has been almost entirely preserved. A classic trip to the lost city of Petra in Jordan gives its visitors just that. Roam through the houses and palaces carved high into the rock.