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Vacations for friends and private groups

Tailor-made tours for private groups, at local prices
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Customizable tours for friends and private groups

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Traveling with Friends and private groups

There’s surely nothing better than packing up and setting off with a group of your nearest and dearest, and traveling with a group of friends is a truly amazing way to discover the world without having to worry. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that wherever you go, you’ll have people there to enjoy it with you. Traveling with a group means that you can go almost anywhere, no matter how drastically different the culture, attitude, infrastructure or people. Organize a private tour with your closest friends to any destination on your bucket list where you’ll be sure to find something to suit everyone’s needs on a tailor-made trip. Traveling with a group of your friends also has the added benefit of eliminating any sense of homesickness, meaning you’ll be able to extend your trip to really make the most of your time, wherever you decide to travel to. Every group is different though, so you’ll need to sit down over a coffee and work out what it is that you want from your customized tour. Here are some top suggestions of tours for friends and groups...

Tours for thrill-seeking groups and friends

Bungee jumping, canyoning, skydiving, white-water rafting, surfing or quad-biking: take your pick. Traveling as a group is the best way to tick all these thrilling activities off your bucket-list whilst making unforgettable memories as a team.

  • You could choose a time-honored destination like Australia, where the national idea of a weekend activity is a skydive followed by a barbecue and you can divvy up your time between action-packed adventure and relaxing in one of the nations many bars, restaurants, beaches or city centres.
  • Why not try a more off-the-beaten track destination for your trip with friends; Sri Lanka, for instance has all the offerings a thrill-seeking group could ask for as well as a rich culture, fascinating history, delicious food and welcoming people.

Tours for food-loving groups and friends

Food is such an important part of travel and discovering new favorite dishes from around the world is a fantastic way of connecting with any destination. Sharing a meal together is a tradition as old as time itself, and there’s no better way of solidifying the day’s unforgettable adventures in your memory than over a table of delicious food and drink, bonding and learning as you travel together.

  • Let the freshly caught fish of Iceland’s freezing shores, or of Sri Lanka’s tropical waters tempt you, or the famous steaks of South America, or the fresh fruit and vegetables of India, coupled with delicious traditional flavors and often, incredible local entertainment.

Tours for culture-loving groups and friends

If history is your group’s thing, and you’re fascinated by local culture, ancient civilisations and obscure history then why not take a trip to Central or South America, where you’ll be spoilt for choice, with so many incredibly well-preserved sites on which you can find clues and remains of the ancient civilisations that one lived here long ago.

  • Climb the slopes of Machu Picchu in Peru or Yaxchilan in Mexico and share the same view with the people who stood here thousands of years ago, as well as with your closest friends.
  • Japan’s history and ancient culture is celebrated everyday for all to see, with a fascinating combination of innovative modern life, and traditional beliefs that you won’t see anywhere else. Visit during spring time for a stunning introduction to the beautiful country.

Tours for health-conscious groups and friends

If its a healthy retreat you’re after then recent years have seen an increase in trip options for groups looking to take care of themselves on their tour.

  • Learn to practice traditional yoga in Bhutan or Vietnam, whilst living with a local family who will introduce you to local healthy foods and habits that their people have lived by or hundreds of years. An active tour is also an excellent choice for friends traveling together since they will be able to encourage one another through thick and thin.
  • Why not cycle your way around South America, Asia or Europe, or visit some of the world’s top walking, hiking and trekking locations, such as Wadi Rum in Jordan or the National Parks of Costa Rica.

You’ll not only feel incredible after this healthy getaway with friends, you’ll have made some unbeatable memories together as a group and bonded over the experience.

Tours for the undecided traveler

Wherever you decide to go, the advantage of a tailor-made trip is that you’ll be able to discover and organize something to please everyone. 

  • Choose a destination with a lot on offer, such as The Philippines, with each of its many islands offering a totally different experience, or South Africa, whose vast expanse offers everything from wine tour to spa break to safari.

The best destinations for friends and private groups