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On this little portion of the Middle East, no larger than the size of Austria, the beauty of culture and nature permanently compete with one another. See for yourself: you are in one of the cradles of humanity and history in this land stretching back over more than 9 millennia. During your vacation in Jordan, you will peruse a life-sized history book. It only requires travelling to Jordan to experience it: from the banks of the enigmatic Dead Sea to the Jordan Valley passing via the superb city of Petra, rendered eternally famous by Spielberg in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Biblical echoes mix with those of Greco-Roman ruins. As far as nature is concerned, you will also be captured by the beauties of Jordan: At the top of the list, the desert of Wadi Rum, called “the valley of the Moon,” is a harmony of colours where rocks, sand, granite and sandstone intertwine to create the most magnificent life-sized murals. In addition, the deep canyons of the desert or the colourful underwater floors of the Red Sea will not fail to enchant you...

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Guide to travelling in Jordan

Explore the world’s most ancient cities and culturally rich locations, hike through the stunning scenery surrounding Jordan and marvel at the lunar landscapes of famous sites such as Wadi Rum. Float in the Dead Sea and experience the surreal feelings of weightlessness that have made this such a popular experience before heading to the Red Sea to discover the incredible underwater world there as you snorkel through the colourful reefs. Whether you’re flying solo, a family, a couple or a group of friends, Jordan has something for everyone.

Why go to Jordan with a local travel agent?

Knowledge is power and by travelling with those who are most knowledgeable about the country will give you more power to enjoy every second you spend there. Our local travel agents in Jordan know exactly how to identify and then meet the needs of their guests and travellers. As a result, they will be able to create something unique, special and entirely tailored to individual trips, whilst being able to throw in some insider knowledge or point you in the direction of some lesser known gems. It is these small things that make a huge difference to your trip and having a local agent to act on your behalf, to ensure that your stay is as unforgettable as you envisioned, will be something you’ll value above all.

What are the most common things to do in Jordan?

It is Jordan’s diversity which makes it so special, so you will have a cultural experience, unlike anything you may experience in any other country or even on any other visit to Jordan. Visit a huge variety of sites, for example, one of wonders of the world, Petra, or one of the best preserved Roman cities, Jerash. All of this is bound to satisfy your cultural side! If history is more your thing, or you are interested in the Biblical sites in Jordan which are peppered around this country, you could visit the baptism site on the Jordan river, which is celebrated around the globe as the birthplace of Christianity. Visit Mount Pisgah, otherwise known as Mount Nebo, which is the burial place of the prophet Moses.

If you are looking to find the perfect balance between recreation and relaxation, what could be better than floating in the Dead Sea and enjoying the liberating sense of weightlessness, before visiting the Red Sea, which is well known for its coral reefs? Experience Jordan’s delicious cuisine: a unique mixture of traditional Mediterranean flavours and Middle Eastern influences.

What are the most popular experiences in Jordan?

Different nationalities are often after subtly different experiences when they envisage their perfect trip and Jordan has something to offer everyone. British always love:

  • Cultural and historical sites and experiences, since the Roman history is closer to home for them and therefore has more relevance. They can make comparisons with the Roman influences that they see in the UK adding another dimension to a visit to Jordan’s culturally rich shores.
  • Petra is not to be missed, and this Roman city really is something special. Wander its ruins and buildings, some of which are so well-preserved, you’ll feel as though you have travelled back in time to when the Romans ruled here.
  • Ecotourism is also at the top of many British visitors’ lists since this offers both adventure and the opportunity to give back during their trip.

The most important thing for a local agent providing tailored trips is to know the subtle differences that will allow them to make suggestions for each type of traveller, but also to be able to be flexible with these suggestions.

When is the best time of the year to go to Jordan?

The climate in Jordan can be diverse and so your local agent will be able to make specific suggestions depending on what you are after from your experience in Jordan. January and February are supposedly the coldest months in Jordan at around 15 degrees, the weather never gets cold by global standards, and certainly not by European ones! If you are after warmer weather though, be sure to visit the Dead Sea where the temperature is warmer throughout the year. For a summer trip in July and August, why not spend more time in Amman, where the temperature is lower?

In terms of the higher temperatures, which can be daunting for some travellers; for a few short days in the summer the temperature can reach upwards of 40 degrees in the city of Amman, but since the city is approximately 1000 metres above sea level, this heatwave is short lived. Visit the mountains and enjoy the more clement temperatures during this period, hiking or trekking through the stunning scenery.

What is the most unique off the beaten track experience in Jordan?

The Dead Sea experience is truly something unique and must be experienced to be believed since words come short. Whether you’re enjoying a spa treatment or trekking, this is a for both recreation and relaxation. Float in the saline waters and contemplate the incredible atmosphere that you’ll find here, as well as the delicious food and friendly locals.

For the more adventurous, Wadi Rum, the Moon Valley, is next most unique off the beaten track experience. An unusual combination of mountains, dunes and deserts; you can spend days here, walking, camel riding, hot air ballooning, going on safari, and never once get bored. For film buffs, this strange landscape may also seem familiar, since it has starred in some incredibly well-known films, such as Star Wars, Lawrence of Arabia and more recently, The Martian. Stay overnight in the desert; capturing your imagination and igniting your sense of adventure. Sleep under the stars and feel as though you can see the whole universe.

Is Jordan safe to travel to?

Our local travel agents’ priority is always safety, and they will act as soon as they sense any danger. The political situation in Jordan is diplomatic and peaceful, despite the unrest of its neighbouring countries.

What are the most remarkable cultural heritage sites to visit in Jordan?

As well as the more well-known sites, such as Petra, Jordan is home to its neighbouring city of Al-Salt. This ottoman city was founded in 300 BC and is extremely well-preserved. Discover its unique charm as you walk through the narrow streets and look at the carvings and the architecture of the city. Moreover, its only thirty minutes away from Amman, so you can easily spend a day visiting. Enjoy the typical Jordanian food and being with the locals, exchanging experiences and culture.

If engaging with the locals is something you particularly value,  why not visit Amman city? Spend time walking along the Bazaar de Souks, exploring the spice shops, shopping for food and vegetables, sitting with the locals, talking to them and having tea or coffee. Jordanian locals meet guests from all around the world and welcome them, inviting them to share their experience and how they see their country. Get closer to the locals and create an authentic experience that will change the way you see Jordan and may even change the way you see life.

Where are the best spots for scuba diving in Jordan?

Scuba diving in Jordan is a trend that has been developing for around thirty years, since the first scuba diving club opened in Aqaba, at the Red Sea. Since the scuba diving tourism of neighbouring countries has been affected by political issues, such as those of Egypt, a lot of people are now discovering Jordan. The beautiful coastline offers at least 23 incredible diving spots where you can enter the mysterious and colourful underwater world of the Red Sea. Another unique thing about the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea on the Jordanian side is that the water temperatures in winter never drops below 19 degrees making it a diver’s paradise!  Many of these sites are easily accessible, even without a boat since you can simply swim seven or eight metres before you are able to dive three metres down and find another universe.

What are the most scenic hiking trails in Jordan?

There are so many trails and ‘wadis’ (that’s valleys to you and me), offering true adventure trekking. In Jordan, a hike could involve having to walk through water, underneath palm trees and greenery, or over rocky gorges.

Three unmissable spots are: Wadi Waleh, Wadi Um Al Amad, and for those who love its bizarre lunar landscape: Wadi Rum.

In Wadi Rum, you can have a guide, walk for three, four hours, before a traditional Bedouin lunch and walk a few more hours whilst enjoying the sunset. Finally, end your day’s adventuring sleeping under the stars. Every night you will change camp meaning you can enjoy hiking, trekking and exploring the whole of Wadi Rum, never seeing the same thing twice. Enjoy a traditional meal in an astonishing setting. This meal can be totally different depending on the area; Zenia is a common option and is made by mixing vegetables with lamb and cooking on an open fire which has been built in the middle of the desert. The smell of this dish is truly incredible and you’re bound to be left craving it for years to come.

How would a typical religious tour in Jordan look like?

Jordan is home to not only Christian sites, but many Islamic sites too. A combination of these would make a fascinating trip filled with stories and history. The story of The Seven Sleepers, for instance. The Seven Sleepers were early Christians who escaped from the city and lived in a cave for a certain time. This cave is one of the unique places that Muslims admire yet, at the same time, it has Christian roots. So a melding of two cultures and religions is not uncommon. In fact, the Catholic church recognises five biblical sites in Jordan; the place where Moses died; the birthplace Prophet Elijah, a cave where the Virgin Mary spent a few days with Jesus. Visit the close by ‘Holy City’ in Bethlehem and Nazareth, exploring the different culture of this area outside of Jordan.

What are the most picturesque 4x4 drives for a road trip in Jordan?

Drive along the shores of the Dead Sea, up to Aqaba and the Red Sea. In this stretch between the Dead Sea and the Red Sea, the landscape is a stunning mixture of sandstorm, land storm, basalt and granite mountains. As you drive, on your left, you will see the high mountains as you make your way along the shores of the Dead Sea. Drive through small agricultural villages and a 200km valley, lined with sand dunes.

For a different type of landscape, drive through Wadi Rum, the Moon Valley. In this nature reserve, you’ll find trails where you can spend up to two to three days minimum driving and never seem the same thing twice. The mountains here are approximately 35 million years old, and over this time the sun, wind and sand have carved the rocks into fascinating shapes which will make for incredible panoramic viewing as you pass by.

What are the activities Jordan offers for a family with children or teenagers?

In Jordan, one week to 10 days is perfect for a family of all ages and every day there is a new experience on offer for them. Walk, swim, or visit a cultural, religious or historical site before taking time for the whole family at the Red Sea.

Younger children will love discovering the wildlife and nature that calls Jordan home and exploring together as a family. For teenage travellers, snorkelling in one of Jordan’s many dive spots will be an unforgettable experience and one that is sure to keep the whole family entertained, too. Cultural visits can be interspersed easily with exhilarating experiences meaning you can easily create an itinerary to suit everyone for the duration of your trip.  

In recent years, Jordan has grown as a family destination and with so much on offer, it’s not hard to see why.

Why should I spend my honeymoon in Jordan?

New couples or married couples are all looking to have different experiences where they get to know each other in a different way. For those couples who want to spend their honeymoon in Jordan, why not go to beaches, where you can enjoy nice, soft sands, or walks along some of the nature reserves in Jordan. In the evenings you can experience a different atmosphere every night with locals or even the international communities in Amman. This honeymoon will build so many shared experiences and give you an incredible starting line for a life together.

When to go in Jordan?


Discover a country that is full of history, with a fascinating culture, and whose inhabitants are very hospitable. Visit Petra and Wadi Rum, or spend some time in the desert of this beautiful Middle Eastern country. The two best periods for going to Jordan are spring and autumn, because the temperatures are most pleasant. Between November and March there is more rain. In winter it can be very cold and it may even snow. Also, be aware of the differences in climate between different regions: although the eastern desert is bearable in summer, the southern desert is so hot that it's a real ordeal.

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