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You can go to Spain at any time of the year, but depending on what you like, preference should be given to the various seasons: from June through September, it's usually very warm and dry, so it's perfect for those who love the sun and the beach; winter is often cool, but it's still pleasant, except in the North where it rains frequently and the temperatures are very low.
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Our trip to Spain, which is so rich in history, culture, architecture and beauty, was made even more exceptional through a personalized custom tour. All tour guides and drivers were personable, helpful, professional and open to sharing about their lives and their culture with us. It was an enriching experience! We were able to enjoy a wide range of private tours to suit our interests and tastes… boutique wineries, hiking, visiting UNESCO sites... I can’t begin to name all that we did. It was decadent and wonderful in every aspect!
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A truly memorable experience of Spanish history, art, architecture, food and wine.
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All aspects of the trip were most enjoyable and memorable. When a storm suddenly descended on Avila our guide made the excellent decision to retire to a beautiful restaurant where we had coffee and she gave us very interesting and useful information . We will recommend your company to other friends.
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