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Mongolia is above all limitless stretches of land. No fields, not even rice paddies, as the climate makes any intensive culture impossible, but magnificent landscapes as far as the eye can see. In order to feed themselves, the Mongolian peoples have always adjusted their way of life to the needs of their flocks and herds, setting off regularly in search of new pastures. Although today half the Mongolian population lives in towns, it goes without saying that nomadism remains present. So, you will come across numerous yurts strewn along steppes, admist which you will certainly have the opportunity to discover the tremendous local hospitality. According to the most recent censors, Mongolia has the peculiarity of having the smallest density in the world (5 inhabitants/sq. m.), which explains the exceptional preservation of the landscapes, habitats and traditions. An ideal destination for a complete getaway and communication with nature, very far from the beaten track.

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Guide to travelling in Mongolia

The local English-speaking agent partner of Evaneos will communicate to you his love and superb knowledge of Mongolia by suggesting personalized itineraries to ensure that you discover local cultures off the beaten track. You will discover the rainbows of the white waterfalls of Orkhon, the taïga of the Khogno Khaan national park, the sand dunes of Elsen Tasarkhai, the ice canyon of Yoliin Am and also Kharakorin, the legendary city of Gengis Khan. In the north west of Mongolia, Khövsgöl Lake is also offered to the traveller, with fishing and boat trips as well as excursions along the banks of the lake, that you can complete in several days on horseback to reach the Tsaatans, a nomad people who raise reindeer, living in tepees and practicing shamanism. Depending on your preferences, the means of transport will be equally diverse, in a country in which only 1% of the roads are tarmac. Whether in a jeep or by boat, on foot (for trips as exhausting as they are breath-taking), or even on camel back for a wander in the Gobi desert, the variety of means of transport, provided by your local agent, is only rivalled by the sense of marvel that you will take away from this unique trip. The most atypical experiences will be enjoyed undoubtedly on horseback which, by going a step at a time, will enable you to enjoy even more fully the communion with nature that a trip into the vast Mongolian lands represents.

When to go in Mongolia?

The best time to go to Mongolia is between May and October, so as to avoid the bitter cold. However, avoid high summer if you're heading to the Gobi Desert, which gets scorching hot. It tends to rain between July and September but it doesn't downpour. Be warned that during the Nadaam in July and August, flights and hotels are quickly booked up, so reserve in advance!
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Hard to tell what was my favorite part, I loved it all. The people, the scenery and culture, wildlife and plants, food, staying with nomad families and in ger camps, all of that and much combined into an incredible experience. The trip was so exceptional that I am returning to Mongolia next year, which I never do.
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We enjoyed the Flaming Cliffs and our lunch at Gobi Tour Camp. Our driver at Gobi was always helpful. All the destinations picked by Otgoo were to our liking. Thank you for that Otgoo
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Edchief Pennsylvania, USA
It would be very hard to identify one single rewarding experience. Every day there was a new and exceptional experience, the people, the country, the hospitality, the history of Mongolia; where are all very fascinating to us.
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