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Mongolia Travel Guide

Best time to visit Mongolia

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5 reasons to travel to Mongolia

Breathe in Mongolia's stunning views, enjoy unusual experiences and let yourself be blown away by the intrepid Mongolian horsemen, whose bloodline dates back to Genghis Khan, the fiercest warrior of them all!

  1. Enjoy new and exciting experiences
  2. Living in a yurt
  3. Marvel at Mongolians galloping at break neck speed
  4. Discover nomadic life
  5. Discover Mongolia's vast expanses

Culture and Discovery

Shamanism in Mongolia

Shamanism in Mongolia

In Mongolia shamanism prevails, despite there being numerous religions. Here's my beginner's guide.
20 April 2016
Travel story
A week with the nomads

A week with the nomads

Mongolia is a country proud of its nomadic roots. Let me tell you about my experience of living in a yurt!
20 April 2016
Travel story

Is this the destination for you?

Go lose your bearings and discover the nomads or the Tsaatsan people during your trip to Mongolia ! However, avoid winter and its -40°C nights...

You should go if

  • You will love discovering new cultures (shamans, nomads...)
  • You're looking to immerse yourself in totally different and unfamiliar landscapes: the steppes, mountains, flocks...
  • You dream of going off to meet the last nomadic people living in yurts
  • You want to revitalise yourself and you're not afraid to challenge yourself
  • You dream of crossing the Gobi desert in a 4x4
  • You're looking for an extraordinary human experience, and wish to fall in love with the country upon leaving

You shouldn't go if

  • You fear the cold: in the winter the temperature can drop to -50°C on the coldest nights!
  • You love countries where it is easy to organise everything by yourself
  • Don't be surprised or exasperated: many Mongols don't speak a word of English
  • You prefer to visit towns: Oulan Baator is not very safe and doesn't have any great attractions
  • Hygiene is REALLY important to you: living with nomads means forgetting about showers for the duration of your stay!
  • Solitude and large spaces terrify you
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