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Is Georgia the eastern end of Europe or the gateway to Asia? This the eternal question about Georgia, a small, strategically located country, coveted through the ages for its wealth of natural resources. But that is not all it is. Whilst the country is unknown, it is also a prime destination for people who want to go off the beaten path, where life is not prohibitively expensive and nature blends perfectly with the spectacular architecture of Georgia’s monasteries, churches and other religious buildings. From the capital, Tbilisi, teeming with museums, to the snow-capped mountains and the coastal beaches, Georgia is the ideal staging post for exploring, discovering and enjoying the region. You might continue further north-east into Georgia's neighbour, Russia. Whether you go for a short stay or for longer, do not hold back: you will find much to discover in Georgia.
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Guide to travelling in Georgia

Intrigued by some of the holiday pages, you will have browsed and then made your choice: “It’s going to be Georgia!” A wonderful idea to set off to explore this small and little-known country that has so much to offer those who know where to look. So, if you adore culture, you’ll be in heaven will the profusion of visits possible. The Bagrati cathedral at Koutaïssi, the archaeological site of Nokalakevi, Ushguli and its ethnographic museum (for finding out all about life in the highest inhabited village in Europe) and the Dadiani palace at Zugdidi, as well as the impressive ruins of the Gonio fortress. So many examples of places to go and devour with your eyes. If you are more attracted by the natural side of Georgia, your trip will also be fabulous: the Trusso gorges and the source of the Terek, the Svaneti mountains and the 4,700 metres of Mount Ushba, the glaciers of the Caucasus (close to Shkhara, 5,068 metres high!), the national parks of Borjomi, Kharagauli (where you can enjoy long hiking days) and Lagodekhi (famous for its waterfalls). The list is as long as it’s exciting and it’s up to you during your holiday to make it even longer to keep enjoying that little bit more from a holiday that’s out of the ordinary, such as only Georgia can offer!

When to go in Georgia?

The best period for going to Georgia is from May to October. The temperatures are pleasant, and the weather is generally sunny, whereas winter is much colder. You should chose to go in September/October if you want to see the grape harvest in Kakheti.
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We had seen many travel programs about Georgia and were in awe of the outdoors locations and monasteries. We were put into contact with our agent through Evaneos and booked a trip with ease. We gave a brief description of what we would like to do and our timeline and our agent came up with a perfect itinerary. We had a 5 day tour that encompassed Tbilisi, Stepantsminda, Juta, and Sighnaghi - with stops at various points of interest in between.
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Living the Dream
Tamta and Luka provided excellent planning and support and we would have no hesitation in recommending VisitGeorgia. We spent almost 4 weeks travelling around Georgia starting with a few days on our own in Tbilisi. We then travelled along the Georgian Military Highway to the High Caucasus mountains and then to Borjomi (via Gori and Uplistsikhe). We then visited the cave city of Vardzia before travelling through the Zekari pass to Kutaisi where we spent a few days exploring the surrounding area. Next it was time to return to the mountains this time to visit Svaneti. This was followed by a few days relaxation at the Black Sea resort of Batumi. We then headed to the wine growing region of Kakheti where, after sampling the local produce, we returned to the mountains once again this time to explore the Tusheti region. Finally we returned to Tbilisi via amazing Davit Garegi.
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Living in Moscow with many georgian friends and restaurants and general influence, we wanted to visit the place. We ve been picked up at airport spent two days discovering Tbilissi and around, then moved to the wine country around Kvareli heading east where we visited more churches, wineyard, local business, historical village with caucasus mountains in background.
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