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Trekking and Walking Vacations

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Trekking and Hiking Vacations

If the idea of lying on a beach for a week sounds like your idea of a living hell, then a trekking or walking vacation is for you. Feel as though you’ve earned your relaxation time after a rewarding hike, a challenging trek or a satisfying walk. Get your blood pumping as you climb some of the world’s most famous peaks and take in the most incredible views. Learn about local culture and the folklore of the area from your local guide and visit shrines, temples, ruins and castles, which are often located at the summit. If the view isn’t enough of a treat for you, why not enjoy a delicious local meal after your walk? You’ve earned it.

Trekking and Walking Vacations for Beginners

If you don’t fancy the idea of clambering up a steep rocky track, and would prefer a gentle slope to explore, then give one of these gentle hiking destinations a try.

  • In Bolivia, you’ll be able to meander across the incredible salt flats, Salar de Uyuni. It may be flat here but the altitude and sheer size make it an incredibly rewarding walk. Why not also trek around the Incan ruins of Chincana while you’re here?
  • Head on over to Norway for a stunning walk around the world-famous Fjords. See these ancient formations and enjoy the incredible views that they afford their visitors before enjoying a traditional Norwegian Sauna to ease your muscles.
  • The classic Spanish countryside is home to the Pyrenees and some fantastic walking and hiking routes. Hike in and out of the mountains, around medieval villages, national parks and Mediterranean cities.

Intermediate Trekking and Walking Vacations

Fancy a bit more of a challenge but don’t want to push yourself too hard? Here are some destinations that won’t require too much walking or trekking experience:

  • Head to the Costa Rican forests for a variety of trails and routes in intensely beautiful surroundings. Walk through the rainforests on walkways up in the canopies and see the wildlife that lives here along the way.
  • Follow the slopes of the Hekla volcano in Iceland or the Thorsmork Nature Reserve, or walk up to the Ofaerufoss Waterfall before jumping into a natural hot spring to relax or heading out on a boat to catch fish for your traditional Icelandic meal.
  • Walk around South Africa and tour the vineyards and enjoy the famous Garden Route, driving to various trekking and walking highlights as well as all the other must-do South African experiences.

Challenging Trekking and Walking Vacations

For seasoned Trekking and Walking fans looking for incredible destinations to really push themselves and experience the hikes of a lifetime, travel to one of these destinations with dramatic landscapes, rich culture and unforgettable experiences, just waiting for you.

  • Japan has so much to offer a seasoned traveler looking for a difficult trek or hike. Go to Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trail, a UNESCO recognized trail in the Kii Peninsula. This trail offers everything from shaded cedar groves, to steep rocky paths and plenty of local food stops along the way.
  • The volcanoes of Indonesia are a fantastic location for those looking for a particularly interesting trekking or walking vacation. Hike around Mount Merapi, Semeru or Mount Sinabung and take in some unforgettable views that nowhere else in the world can offer.
  • Within the borders of Nepal lies the famous Everest alongside all of the other hikes, treks and walks that can be found in the Himalayan foothills.

What Should I pack for my Trekking or Walking Vacation?

Depending on the time of year that you would like to go on your trekking or walking vacation, and the exact location you decide on, your packing list can vary. Some general advice is applicable to any trekking tour, however, and should be remembered when packing your bags.

  • Since a lot of trekking or walking vacations take place in the higher, mountainous regions, pack some warmer clothes, even if you are traveling during the summer, since the altitude can cause temperatures to drop, especially at night.
  • Mosquito and bug spray is also an essential item, to combat the insects that are rife in forest areas.
  • Some good pairs of walking or hiking boots are the most important thing to remember, and your feet will certainly thank you. A lot of extra pairs of socks are also a good idea!
  • Don’t forget a camera to capture the incredible views, people and memories that you will come across on your trip.

When Should I go on a Trekking or Walking Vacation?

The answer to this question will depend on your chosen destination. It is best, however, to avoid the rainy season in more exotic locations, since this can make rocks and mud slippery and can cause closures of some more dangerous paths that you may want to hike. Avoiding high summer is also advisable since the hot weather in some destinations can make trekking and walking very hard, and it is easier to hike either early or late in the day to avoid the midday sun. Try to pick a mild season for your chosen destination to avoid any weather related issues on your trekking or walking vacation.

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