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What to do in Armenia?

If someone were to ask you what Steve Jobs, Kim Kardashian and Princess Diana have in common, what would you answer? They are all of Armenian origin... of course! Sometimes more known for its famous expatriates than for itself, Armenia is a multifaceted country still widely unexplored and seldom frequented by Western tourists. But what riches are hidden there! From the capital Yerevan to the emblematic and legendary mountains (Mount Ararat, Mount Aragats), Armenia boasts churches and monasteries listed in the UNESCO list of world heritage sites, a thousand-year-old culture of incredible variety. With a rocky landscape of canyons and high plateaus, 90% of the land is situated above 1000 metres altitude to delight the soul of the lost wayfarer. Traveling in Armenia also means meeting a proud, hospitable and warm people, always overjoyed to be able to share with passing visitors and to assist them in discovering their country and its resources forged over several millennia more intimately. Don’t wait a moment longer, you too can create your tailor-made trip to Armenia. Բարի գալուստ Հայաստան (Bari galust Hayastan or Welcome to Armenia)!

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When to go in Armenia?

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Start planning your Armenia hiking adventure

Hiking in Armenia is a brilliant way to enjoy an active vacation. Whether you head up to the soaring heights of the Caucasus or take a trip to the Lastiver Caves, Armenia’s hiking trails provide varying lengths to satisfy every adventurer. This diverse and ancient land is a stunning place for a hiking trip.

What makes Armenia a great destination for hiking?

Challenging trails offering spectacular mountain vistas and ancient ruins sitting on lush hillsides make hiking in Armenia a fantastic adventure. The country's trails span a wealth of landscapes from mountain ranges to inland seas. Though routes like the new Transcaucasian Trail are gaining popularity, the vast majority of Armenia's natural treasures remain little-visited by travelers.

The best places to go hiking in Armenia

There are few better ways to explore the Armenian countryside than on a hiking adventure. Here are some of the finest routes and trails for hiking in Armenia.

Push yourself on the Apakeqar Trail

For a workout along the journey, look no further than the Apakeqar Trail. Located in Dilijan National Park, this route takes you through the village of Hovk up to the top of Mount Apakeqar. Admire the panoramic views at the top, then hike back to Hovk via Lake Kari, or onward to the historic village of Haghartsin.

Trek to new heights on Mount Aragats

The towering Mount Aragats offers a choice of four summit trails, which lead you to its brilliant peak, 13,420 feet above sea level. There's flora, fauna, and waterfalls, as well as fabulous views of the valleys below. This hike can be done in one or two days, depending on your experience and stamina.

Wildflowers and petroglyphs in the Geghama Mountains

Following the mountain ridge from the Ararat Plain to Lake Sevan, this stretch of the Transcaucasian Trail includes the extinct Azhdahak volcano with its rugged red terrain and vibrant seasonal wildflowers. A number of prehistoric petroglyphs also dot the route.

A serene trip to the Lastiver Caves

Near the city of Ijevan, the picturesque and tranquil hiking trail to the Lastiver Caves meanders through lush meadows and hillsides covered by low-hanging clouds. Along the way, you’ll come across waterfalls and rustic treehouses before reaching the caves themselves.

Soak up the views from Smbataberd

A scenic hike to the ruins of the Smbataberd fortress near the village of Artabuynk doesn't just provide gorgeous valley views. You'll also see wild mountain goats and visit the nearby 10th-century Tsaghats Kar Monastery overlooking the Yeghegis River.

Tips for planning a hiking tour in Armenia

The best time of year for hiking in Armenia is during the summer season from May to October, when weather and trail conditions are most reliable. Make sure to bring layered clothing, and emergency supplies such as a first aid kit and locating beacon. 

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