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What to do in Armenia?

If someone were to ask you what Steve Jobs, Kim Kardashian and Princess Diana have in common, what would you answer? They are all of Armenian origin... of course! Sometimes more known for its famous expatriates than for itself, Armenia is a multifaceted country still widely unexplored and seldom frequented by Western tourists. But what riches are hidden there! From the capital Yerevan to the emblematic and legendary mountains (Mount Ararat, Mount Aragats), Armenia boasts churches and monasteries listed in the UNESCO list of world heritage sites, a thousand-year-old culture of incredible variety. With a rocky landscape of canyons and high plateaus, 90% of the land is situated above 1000 metres altitude to delight the soul of the lost wayfarer. Traveling in Armenia also means meeting a proud, hospitable and warm people, always overjoyed to be able to share with passing visitors and to assist them in discovering their country and its resources forged over several millennia more intimately. Don’t wait a moment longer, you too can create your tailor-made trip to Armenia. Բարի գալուստ Հայաստան (Bari galust Hayastan or Welcome to Armenia)!

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When to go in Armenia?

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Start planning your Armenia adventure vacation

Wondering what's in store on an adventure trip to Armenia? Think zip-lining and rock-climb in Yell Extreme Park, hot air ballooning over the country's most majestic mountains, and skiing and snowboarding in Tsakhkadzor. Armenia might be small, but there's no shortage of adrenaline-boosting activities here. If you prefer to adventure at a gentler pace, you can see varied wildlife while hiking trails beautiful countryside, or test your endurance on longer treks in Dilijan National Park.

What makes Armenia a great destination for adventure travel? 

Armenia is a little-known hub for adventure vacations. From scaling snow-capped Mount Aragats to trekking to Armenia's ancient monasteries, there's plenty of choice when it comes to outdoor exploration. Plus, a refreshing afternoon spent at one of Jermuk's wellness spas is just the answer when you need a little post-adventure rejuvenation.

The best adventure activities in Armenia 

From paragliding to bird-watching, these are just a few of the top adventure experiences in Armenia. 

Go hiking through beautiful landscapes 

Complete with picturesque views and little-trodden trails, the Amberd Fortress and Mount Aragats are among the best hiking destinations in Armenia. The mountain’s snow-covered peaks will mesmerize as you wind along its undiscovered trails, and wildlife is abundant, with wild boar and even reed cats roaming the region

Try paragliding around the mountains 

Take to the Armenian skies and feel like a bird for a while. Paragliding in Armenia is an incredible adventure activity. Take off from either Mount Hatis or Mount Gutan, and fly over spectacular mountain landscapes and enjoy impressive, aerial views of the capital city, Yerevan. 

Enjoy bird-watching experiences at the top hotspots 

Any adventure trip in Armenia should include a visit to Lake Sevan, where Armenian gulls have created breeding grounds on the Gull Island. Azat River's gorge is renowned for unique bird species like great cormorants and ruddy shelducks, so grab your binoculars and set up a viewing spot to admire these intriguing species.

Explore Armenia’s rich cultural offerings 

On your adventure trip in Armenia don’t miss a stop at the country’s ancient temples and monasteries to look through a window on the region's rich history and culture. Expect stunning views over the valley at Khor Virap Monastery, located at the foot of Mount Aragats. Check out the precious manuscripts at the Etchmiadzin Cathedral, which is often said to be the oldest such church in the world. 

Try ziplining in Yerevan

Get a serious adrenaline rush, traveling at incredible speeds, on Armenia’s longest zipline. Thrill-seekers flock here for the fun, but if you’re not so brave, come to face your fears on this 123-meter-high zipline. You might want to hold your breath as the zipline passes under a bridge, and don’t forget to keep your eyes open to soak up those glorious views of the surrounding hillsides

Tips for planning an adventure trip in Armenia 

Plan your adventure trip in Armenia between late May and early June or late September and early October for the most comfortable weather. If you enjoy skiing and snowboarding, go on an Armenian adventure between December and February, when the snow is great and there are fewer visitors.

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