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What to do in Armenia?

If someone were to ask you what Steve Jobs, Kim Kardashian and Princess Diana have in common, what would you answer? They are all of Armenian origin... of course! Sometimes more known for its famous expatriates than for itself, Armenia is a multifaceted country still widely unexplored and seldom frequented by Western tourists. But what riches are hidden there! From the capital Yerevan to the emblematic and legendary mountains (Mount Ararat, Mount Aragats), Armenia boasts churches and monasteries listed in the UNESCO list of world heritage sites, a thousand-year-old culture of incredible variety. With a rocky landscape of canyons and high plateaus, 90% of the land is situated above 1000 metres altitude to delight the soul of the lost wayfarer. Traveling in Armenia also means meeting a proud, hospitable and warm people, always overjoyed to be able to share with passing visitors and to assist them in discovering their country and its resources forged over several millennia more intimately. Don’t wait a moment longer, you too can create your tailor-made trip to Armenia. Բարի գալուստ Հայաստան (Bari galust Hayastan or Welcome to Armenia)!

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When to go in Armenia?

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Start planning your summer trip to Armenia

Head to Armenia in the summer to discover this ancient and beautiful land. This Southern Caucasus country is quickly becoming a top travel destination thanks to its wide range of adventure activities and incredible scenery. Spend your days hiking in the mountains or kayaking on picturesque lakes, and enjoy delicious local cuisine come dinner time. 

Why should I visit Armenia in the summer?

Summer in Armenia is the perfect time to experience the best of this country's natural wonders and friendly locals. The warmest time of year, summer brings plenty of opportunities to explore Armenia’s natural beauty and historic attractions. A variety of festivals celebrate the country's rich culture and diversity, including the International Children's Day celebrations in Yerevan, and July's Vardavar festival, with giant street parties and water fights.

Best things to do in summer in Armenia

There are numerous adventure activities to enjoy in summer in Armenia, whether it's swimming, hiking, or even extreme sports. In the city, check out ancient churches and ruins, and head to the local markets to taste a bounty of summer produce

Get an adrenaline rush in the mountains

Armenia's mountains are the perfect setting for a variety of extreme sports, from paragliding off peaks and slopes to rock-climbing and abseiling. Whichever adrenaline activity you choose, you’ll be rewarded with unbeatable views of the surrounding countryside.

Take a hike among spectacular scenery

Hike to the summit of Armenia's tallest mountain, Mount Aragats, for superb views of the surrounding valleys. The two-day hike is absolutely worth the effort, but those seeking something more adventurous should trek the multi-day Transcaucasian Trail, which runs for over 1,860 miles across Armenia and Georgia

Taste delicious Armenian produce 

Visit the local markets on your own or with a guided tour to try the wide variety of the plentiful seasonal fruits, vegetables and other foods that grow here. Don’t miss the famous Armenian apricot, one of the finest, juiciest apricot varieties in the world, golden in color, with a soft, plump pulp and sweet taste.

Swim in a striking lake

To locals, Lake Sevan is known as the 'Inverted Sky Lake'. It gets this moniker due to its altitude, so high up in the mountains that the water seemingly touches the sky. Hike here and jump in the cooling waters, which are just about warm enough for a relaxing swim

Fly by an ancient monastery

Visit the 9th-century Tatev Monastery via the world's longest double-track cable car, sitting around 1,000 feet above the Vorotan River. This 12-minute ride will leave you in awe as you cross the rugged gorge. At the top, you'll be wowed by the monastery’s fortifications, an important site in Armenian history and culture.

What's the weather like in Armenia in the summer?

Summer in Armenia is pleasantly warm and dry, thanks to its highland setting. Average temperatures are around 80°F in the capital city of Yerevan, with cooler temperatures the higher you go. Evenings often enjoy a refreshing breeze thanks to the mountains.

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