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If you're already browsing through Evaneos' Armenia page, that means you probably already have a good idea of what you are looking for! However, were you aware that this country has many little-known secrets ? From the moment of your arrival in Yerevan, the capital, you will disc...If you're already browsing through Evaneos' Armenia page, that means you probably already have a good idea of what you are looking for! However, were you aware that this country has many little-known secrets ? From the moment of your arrival in Yerevan, the capital, you will discover that the city is older than Rome and you will not cease to explore it, from the Republic Square to the Ancient manuscript museum (Matenaderan) or the cognac distillery (which happens to be an Armenian specialty). The surrounding region also offers some outstanding opportunities for excursions by foot or by bike. But you will also find the Amberd Fortress perched upon a rocky outcrop, Khor Virap and the ancient city of Artashat, overshadowed by the Mount Ararat (5165 m), one of the sacred sites of the Armenian Apostolic Church, or even the medieval monastery of Saghmossavank. A bit further on is the world’s second largest alpine lake which will suddenly appear before your eyes: Sevan, with one of the largest and most richly decorated Kachkars (“stone crosses”), a living witness to medieval Armenian art. Do not fail to make a small detour by way of Dilijan, nicknamed appropriately “the Little Switzerland of Armenia,” a popular relaxation resort. To continue your trip, what could be better than the award-winning sites of UNESCO? The Rock monastery of Geghard and the ruins of the cathedral of Zvartnots are exceptional areas where one can feel the real presence of the Armenian soul...Little country (by its size) but big (in relation to all the rest), a trip to Armenia is an imperishable souvenir. So, what are you waiting for?Continue reading

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11 Inspiring Trip Ideas in Armenia
  • Highlights
Best of the Silk Road
If you want to discover the ancient history and culture of Armenia and Georgia, this combined tour is designed for you! This program will...
Length13 daysApprox.$1,690
  • Highlights
Pilgrimage to Armenia
Armenia was the first nation to adopt Christianity as a state religion that’s why the Armenian Apostolic Church is one of the oldest Christian...
Length9 daysApprox.$1,270
  • Highlights
Armenia adventure for families
A special program created to introduce Diaspora Armenian youth to Armenian history, culture, public life, religion and family traditions. To...
Length12 daysApprox.$1,410
  • Adventure
Hike Armenia's mountains, parks and fortresses
This guided tour has been designed to provide the perfect balance of hiking and historical exploration. From north to south, you'll cover all the...
Length9 daysApprox.$970
  • Highlights
Birdwatching journey in Armenia
In spite of being a small country Armenia has a surprisingly rich diversity of flora and fauna. About 345 bird species are recorded here! Whether...
Length9 daysApprox.$1,290
  • Off the beaten track
Rtveli Wine Making Festival
Rtveli is a traditional wine making feast! Almost every family in the Kakheti region, with the help of neighbors and friends, joins...
Length8 daysApprox.$1,820
  • Adventure
Hike Mount Aragats
"By creating the world, God poured earth and rocks through a huge sieve. The earth fell on one side and rocks on the other, exactly where Armenia is...
Length8 daysApprox.$920
  • Adventure
Cycle the Caucasus
The program includes pleasant cycling through villages or sometimes on asphalt when there is no other way. The trip is scheduled so that sport...
Length9 daysApprox.$1,140
  • Adventure
Hike the Caucasus
We suggest you to enjoy this special tour for nature lovers! It’ll let you combine the cultural visits with amazing trekking in the picturesque...
Length20 daysApprox.$2,280
  • Adventure
Winter along Armenia's Silk Road
We propose a 7 day trip of which 4 are in snowshoes, crossing the chain of mountains Tsaghkuniats, Tegheniats, Lake Sevan, khachkars...
Length7 daysApprox.$850
  • Off the beaten track
Snowshoe Armenia's mountains 
We propose this 8 day trip, of which 5 in snowshoes crossing the mountain chains of Vardeniats, Tegheniats, Sevan Lake, Khachkars...
Length8 daysApprox.$1,200

Travelling to Armenia: final tips and advice

Not many countries haveas many different sides as Armenia ! Do you know any other destinations where a thousand-years of tradition fall within such a beautiful landscape? This is evident with the exceptional beauty and preservation of the different monasteries which you will inevitably come across on your journey: Noravank, Geghard, Marmashen, Saghmosavank or even Hovhanavank. If you are interested in even older buildings, do not miss - under any circumstances - the Church of St. John the Baptist, which dates back to the 5th century (near Aragatsotn), the famous Tatev monastery dating from the 9th century which has been recognised as one of the most beautiful monasteries in Armenia, the architectural sites in Haghpat and Sanahin are registered as world heritage sites with UNESCO, the Akhtala monastery-fortress renowned for its unique frescos or the Selim caravanserai, a fascinating example of the country’s past and part of theSilk Road. And if all of this is not enough, you can simply travel even further back in time and return to the Temple of Garni which holds the megalithic site of one of the oldest observatories in the world, in Karahunj. Upon returning from a long walk, you might appreciate a little relaxation and to sample some of the Armenian culinary specialities, such as stuffed vine leaves, called Tolma, accompanied by a glass of local alcohol (which should be consumed in moderation!) If you are looking for a little known destination, a historical paradise or even simply a welcoming and hospitable country, do not hesitate a moment longer to come and discover Armenia, whether it be on a trek orself-guided: Armenia is the place for you!
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