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El Tigre

El Tigre (Argentina)

Practical information on El Tigre

  • Park and garden
  • Port
  • River
4 / 5 - 3 reviews
How to get there
1 hour by train from Buenos Aires
When to go
All year round
Minimum stay
One day

Reviews of El Tigre

michael mamane Seasoned Traveller
76 written opinions

The peaceful town of El Tigre is part of the Buenos Aires conurbation and is a pleasant place to visit for anyone who is travelling in Argentina.

My suggestion:
I only recommend going to Tigre if you are staying in Buenos Aires for several days.
My review

I stayed in Buenos Aires for several days and I quite appreciated my little half day at El Tigre, far away from the bustle of the capital. El Tigre is part of the Buenos Aires conurbation but I thought it was worth a visit because the town's atmosphere is pleasant and quite timeless.

You can take a trip on a "lancha", a tourist-only river boat, and sail gently down the channels of the Panara delta. An interesting way to observe the way of life of the people who live on the river and to see the architecture of the houses, some of which are made of wood and on stilts.

However, although I had a good time at Tigre it's just somewhere pleasant and not an absolute must see. Don't bother if you are pressed for time.

El Tigre
Fanny Dumond Seasoned Traveller
64 written opinions

Tigre is the departure point for trips to the islands in the natural paradise of the Tigre delta. It is only 1 hour by train from Buenos Aires.

My suggestion:
Don't leave El Tigre without having visited the Arte de Tigre museum which is housed in a very grand Franco-Italian style building built at the beginning of the 20th century.
My review

The Tigre delta with its channels and islands is a special place, far from the hubbub of Buenos Aires. Its vegetation is still wild and untouched. The only noise comes from the birds or the motors on boats. A absolute must-do during your trip to Argentina, especially if you are in Buenos Aires in the summer.

At the port you can embark on boats (lanchas) which go to the closest islands. Make sure you check where the boat is going before you get on board. Some of them go to islands where you can't really walk. Others put their passengers down at beaches or restaurants.

Something else that I recommend doing at Tigre is canoeing. You can rent one for the day and paddle off down some of the less frequented channels. You feel you are alone in the world, in communion with nature in idyllic surroundings.

The channels of El Tigre
Seasoned Traveller
168 written opinions

A town that sits by the Parana Delta, a few kilometres from Buenos Aires and favourite haunt with wealthy Porteños (the capital's residents).

My suggestion:
Don't just stick to the town, even though it's a lovely seaside-style resort. Going out on a boat trip is a must too!
My review

I'd often heard that Tigre was the Venice of Argentina. Having never been to this part of Italy, I can't confirm this but I imagine it's the truth.

The town is on the water's edge and its inhabitants use 'lanchas' or little motor boats to get around, be it for private use or as water taxis, little shops or even to sell petrol. Thanks to the delta, the landscape is lush and green. Its buildings are constructed on stilts and you can get from one to the other via wooden pontoons. It's also a favourite place for second home owners, a retreat for rich 'Porteños' who give the town a slight jet set feel.

Typical outings include trips to the delta's islands, enjoying rides at the amusement park or dining in the fancy restaurants that line the river. I lived in Buenos Aires for a while and Tigre was without a doubt my favourite escape from the capital's noise. I usually took a taxi boat, often heading to the outskirts and parks that are a few kilometres from the centre of town. I highly recommend you pay it a visit during your trip to Argentina! And there's no reason not to, as the town is only an hour by train from Buenos Aires.

A 'street' in Tigre
El Club de Regatas La Marina