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An update from Evaneos

Mendoza's cuisine

The cuisine of Mendoza is something worth experiencing during your trip to Argentina. Mendoza has numerous "all-you-can-eat restaurants" where you can enjoy as much food as you want. It is paradise for all foodies who love to experiment with new food and try different delicious treats!

All-you-can-eat buffets
In Avenida las Heras there are many amazing restaurants called "parillada" or "tenedores libres",  similar to the all-you-can-eat places in the UK. They all offer pretty much the same thing: all-you-can-eat menus for unbelievably low prices. You can usually choose from around twenty different entrees, meat, various side dishes, and numerous desserts.


What to eat?

The famous Argentine meat

The meat here is considered to be the best meat in the world. And at the buffet, you can try all types of meat. The bife de lomo, or tenderloin, is a delicious beef. You can also try mutton, lamb, chicken or beef cutlets. You can also enjoy offal or organ. Ask for "mollejas" for calf sweetbread, "riñones" for kidneys and "tripas gordas" or "chinchulines" for tripe. You can also try lomo (tenderloin), bife ancho (ribeye), bife angosto (strip loin), chorizo (sausage), or morcillas (black pudding). To complement your meal, you can get chips or vegetables. You can also choose empanadas, tortillas, tamales or pizza. For dessert, you can try the sweets made of dulce de leche.

What to drink?


In addition to water, soda, fruit juice, licuado, and local beer, you can also try the local wines. The wine in the region of Mendoza is highly recommended. Many vineyards are located in the city's surrounding areas. Without a doubt, the most famous Argentine wine to pair with your meal is malbec.

David Debrincat
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