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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Practical information on Buenos Aires

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4 / 5 - 3 reviews
How to get there
1 hour by taxi from the international airport
When to go
All year round, but ideally from October to November or from March to April
Minimum stay
1 to 2 days

Expériences inoubliables à vivre Buenos Aires

Reviews of Buenos Aires

Fanny Dumond Seasoned Traveller
64 written opinions

Buenos Aires is a vibrant, attractive and authentic city, just like its inhabitants. It is also the second largest city in South America, after Sao Paolo.

My suggestion:
I prefer Buenos Aires in October and November, the southern springtime, when the temperatures are ideal, and the jacaranda flowers colour the whole town with their purple petals.
My review

This is a warning to everyone who is going to visit the Argentine capital, it's very easy to fall in love with Buenos Aires! I'm living proof - after two visits I couldn't stay away and I ended up living there for 5 years.

I love Buenos Aires for its air of nostalgia, its melting pot architecture, the old "Belle Epoque" buildings, the cobbled streets of San Telmo, Palermo Park, all the timeless cafes and restaurants which still have their own personalities, its vibrant nightlife.

Buenos Aires is a magical town, parts of which could be in France, Spain or Germany...everyone will find something they like, whatever their preferences or origins. 

One of the places you really must see is the magical Ateneo library, in the heart of an old theater. You can even have a coffee on the stage! 

Corner of a street in San Telmo, Buenos Aires
michael mamane Seasoned Traveller
76 written opinions

The birthplace of tango and the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is a town you have to visit during a trip to Argentina.

My suggestion:
The best advice I can give you is to bring the maximum US dollars in cash that you can to Argentina and exchange money in the centre (in Florida Street); or your budget will be 30 to 40% higher.
My review

Buenos Aires is one of South America's teeming, vibrant capital cities. Lots of people have sung Buenos Aires praises to me but I wasn't particularly impressed by its beauty. Nevertheless, there is definitely a "vibe" there that makes the city very attractive, especially all its really different areas, each with its own particular atmosphere.

You need several days to really appreciate the atmosphere of the old quarter of San Telmo; the bobo ambience in the residential area; Palermo's bars, posh delicatessens and restaurants; or the beautiful Recoleta and its impressive cemetery - which is definitely somewhere you don't want to miss during your stay in Buenos Aires.

I had so little time to visit the town that I really appreciated doing a traditional tourist bus tour, the sort where you can get on and off at will. So I enjoyed making a stop in La Boca, famous for the colourful facades of the houses around Calle Caminito, and the Boca Juniors, its football team.

La Boca
Seasoned Traveller
16 written opinions

Buenos Aires is known as the most Europeanised town inArgentina. Even so, you'll benefit from a complete change of scenery! A must during a trip to this country. 

My suggestion:
Buenos Aires is a huge city! You'll need at least 3 days to explore its many nooks and crannies.
My review

At first sight, Buenos Aires resembles many of Europe's capitals, for example Madrid. After exploring it, however, I realised that it actually has its own, personal charm.

I was a bit disappointed by the Boca quarter, with its famous, colourful houses. There were too many tourists for my liking and I found it overpriced. 

As for the rest of town, I quickly fell for its lively atmosphere; a city where people dance the tango on every corner! Numerous bars hold 'tango nights', where Argentinians can enjoy their favourite dance.

I also visited the Recoleta, the huge cemetary where Eva Peron is buried, as well as the Palermo quarter, home to some incredible street art!

If Buenos Aires is your arrival point in Argentina, make sure you visit one of its restaurants, where Argentinian beef grills are the speciality. In the restaurant I chose, the waiter carved my steak with...wait for it...a spoon! In other words, you'll never eat such tender meat again!

Buenos Aires