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What to do in Argentina?

With its end of the world feel, Argentina attracts and surprises. Its very rich unique cultureits varied breath-taking scenery or even its dynamic and bustling capital city, Buenos Aires, mesmerise travellers. Whether you choose to concentrate on one area, or alternatively travel the breadth and width of the country, a trip to Argentina has what it takes to satisfy all your desires. Its landmass covers a part of the luxurious amazon forest, pampas plains, and also the steppes and glaciers of Patagonia for enthusiasts of extensive hikes and treks. Argentina also shares two of its geographical landmarks between its neighbours, who are witnesses to the incredible diversity that the country has to offer: in the north-east the majestic Iguazu Falls are divided into three parts; one in Brazil, another in Paraguay, and finally the most spectacular falls of the park which are home to the Devil’s Throat, on the Argentinian side. Nearly 4,300km from there, at the southernmost point of the country, Argentina covers a third of the legendary Tierra del Fuego, the rest of which is controlled by Chile. Ushuaïa still remains to this day the Eldorado of escapism in the hearts of adventurers. So, are you ready for your trip to Argentina ?

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When to go in Argentina?

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Start planning your summer trip to Argentina

Argentina is enjoyable to visit year-round, but it’s particularly special in summer. Summers in Argentina last from around December to February, the perfect time to embark on a family trip or one based around outdoor and nature activities. Summer in Argentina is also a great time to coincide with a wide range of festivals, too.

Why should I visit Argentina in summer?

Days are at their longest and warmest during the Argentine summer, meaning plenty of opportunities for fun. Traditional holidays, such as Christmas and Carnaval, are celebrated with serious flair and thrilling energy at this time of year. And summer is when regions such as Patagonia are at their best for hiking and outdoor exploration.

Best things to do in Argentina in summer

Choose between mountains, beaches, and jungles. There's no shortage of exciting activities to pick from for your Argentina vacation in summer.

Visit Iguazú Falls

These world-famous falls, made up of close to 300 cascades, really are something to behold. A number of gorgeous hikes offer access to the falls, but don't forget to bring a picnic, as you'll need a full day to grasp the wonder of this scenic marvel.

Hit the beach in Mar del Plata

The open waters and golden sands in Mar del Plata are a natural draw for city dwellers visiting from nearby Buenos Aires. It’s a family-friendly destination, with plenty of outdoor activities on and off the beach. Choose from sports including surfing, horseback riding, and golfing.

Experience cosmopolitan Buenos Aires

The Argentine capital, often called the “Paris of South America”, is particularly famous for its European-influenced culture and food. Its beautiful architecture, rich culinary scene, and diverse neighborhoods are sure to inspire you. Take in a soccer match or tango performance to get a sense of this city’s passionate character.

Cool off in Bariloche

The Patagonian city of Bariloche is a must-visit destination for many, surrounded by the breathtaking Andes mountains. Beach-lined alpine lakes only add to the draw at this time of year. Outdoor enthusiasts will find many options for hiking, fishing, and birdwatching.

Relax in Mendoza

Head on to Mendoza to enjoy some of Argentina's finest food and wine or for an adrenaline hit whitewater rafting the rapids on the Mendoza River. At the end of the day, let your cares melt away in nearby thermal baths, known for their revitalizing minerals.

What’s the weather like in Argentina in the summer? 

The climate in Argentina varies with geography and altitude. The summers are generally the warmest, with rain across the country, especially in the north, and temperatures around 85–90°F. Regions like Patagonia have drier and cooler climates. Be sure to pack lightweight clothing, sunscreen, and sunglasses, and stay hydrated during warm days.

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