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There's no particular time of year when you should go to Chile: the country is spread across a large part of Central America, so benefits from a varied climate. Opt for spring or autumn if you're heading to Santiago or the central parts of the country and travel during summer if you want to tour the lake region. Bear in mind that Easter Island and Patagonia can get chilly, so summer's the best time to go. What's more Chile's in the Southern Hemisphere so the seasons are opposite. In other words summertime in Chile is between December and February.
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The destinations were great, and so were the hotel choices. We were impressed with the professionalism and punctuality of all the local travel agencies. The Atacama destination was fascinating and the next stop, in Puerto Varas, couldn't have been more different in climate and environment. Our visit to Torres del Paine was also amazing. Loved the trip, the country, and the people!
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South American Adventure
Patagonia was absolutely wonderful. The hotel******************** was a fabulous experience. Loved the tour guides everywhere.
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