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Ecuador’s geography offers the traveller a wide variety of holidays. To the west of the country, the superb Pacific coastline stretches over more than 600 kilometres. Offshore, the Galapagos archipelago and is just like another planet, with its unique volcanic islands. In these lands, the Andes Cordillera offers splendid scenery and ideal terrain to the trekker treks. In addition, for your trip to Ecuador, there is also the Amazonian basin and its fascinating thick jungle to the East. Don’t be misled about Ecuador’s size: this planet’s natural sanctuary has enough to keep you busy for quite some time! Ecuador is an ideal destination for your family: your children’s curiosity will be aroused by the beauties of nature and they will be the perfect way of meeting people. In fact, the Ecuadorians adore little ones and having them by your side will be a great plus. Ecuador is certainly a country favoured by nature lovers. Glaciers and snow-capped volcanoes, vast Andean plains and high altitude lakes await you for your treks in the Andes! And nature lovers may well decide on a cruise in discovery of the ecosystems of the Galapagos isles or on a canoeing expedition to the heart of the humid forests of the Andes. Are you ready for your trip to Ecuador?

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Guide to travelling in Ecuador

Ecuador awaits you with its fantastic opportunities to explore the magnificent and diverse country. Quito will undoubtedly be the first stop on your trip. Classified as a Unesco World Heritage site, its historic centre is completely preserved. Among the colonial churches, convents, paved streets and preserved squares, time seems to have stood still. You will fully realise where you are when you come to the Mitad del Mundo (centre of the Earth) monument, symbolising the geographical equator line! To the east of the capital, Baños may well be your first encounter with the Amazonian jungle. At the gateway to Amazonia, it will make you never want to leave: a small, pleasant town, its surroundings abound with a variety of activities. Amazonia occupies the whole of eastern Ecuador. When you leave on your tour to Ecuador, you will depart in the discovery of native peoples whose manners and customs are different from our own. By canoe or raft, you will roam through incredible submerged forests. You will have the chance to pretend you’re an anthropologist or naturalist! Staying with an inhabitant in the Amazon jungle will enable you to have a life-enhancing experience that will stay with you for a long time. The country also has superb natural parks. Ecuador’s largest, the Yasuni national reserve, extends over 16,000 km². It is an unusual biodiversity reservoir and the native communities have chosen to live there in voluntary isolation to preserve their natural environment. Here, you’re bound to come across turtles, rays and pink dolphins, as well as parrots, monkeys, reptiles and maybe even jaguars! Does all this make you wish you were here? Find out more now about our Ecuador tours.

When to go in Ecuador?

There is no perfect time of year to to to Ecuador. The weather is so changeable over the course of the year that you can go at any time; it's just a question of luck! The country has two main seasons, a wet season and dry season, which vary according to region. The ocean currents around the Pacific coast and the Galapagos islands mean that they have similar climates: hot and humid from April to June, more agreeable from June to December. The Amazon is very humid all year round, whereas one can tour the Andes whenever one likes, the climate there being more bearable and the heat a little less tropical.
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It was a fun day in Quito touring the equator and some churches. Great guide. Then off to the cloud forest - what a stunning resort! The best housekeeping EVER! Loved the hikes, but especially the river hike. That was very different from anything we’d ever done before. We didn’t see as much wildlife as we hoped, but still loved the place. I wish we could have laid over somewhere other than Quito before heading to the Galapagos, but we relaxed, and got ready for part two of our adventure. The Galapagos were amazing! Animals everywhere! The high point was the snorkel trip to Kicker Rock. We swam with turtles, sea lions, rays, sharks and a million fish. It was phenomenal. The next day we had a land tour to see the giant tortoises, but that guide wasn’t good. He should stick to Spanish-speaking groups. Loved the country. Loved the experience. Loved the way the trip was planned.
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We really enjoyed Ecuador and hope to return! For me, hiking to the Cotopaxi refuge was the highlight and inspired me to return and hike to the summit. I would highly recommend Termas de Papallacta as our favorite hotel of the trip - the hot springs were incredible! We also really enjoyed driving through the Andes, meeting an indigenous tribe in the rain forest, and multiple other hiking excursions. I loved the nature in general within Ecuador, but of course the people - in particular our guide Fausto - were what truly made the trip a wonderful adventure!
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