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Salama and welcome to these Madagascar travel pages. What do you think of if we say Madagascar? You think of lemurs and baobab trees. A good guess, they are indeed worth the trip. But you will see that besides these two extraordinary species, the Great Red Island holds many charming attractions… Madagascar has unique fauna and flora. You will have the good luck to see orchids, fluorescent ferns, lichens, baobab trees and a huge number of other flowers and trees, with the island playing host to over 9000 types of plants. During your trip in Madagascar, you will go on extraordinary treks: tropical jungles, high plains, dry areas or paradisiacal beaches, the range of landscapes is just as sublime as it is varied. This astounding diversity is a consequence of the island’s history. The land separated very early on from Africa and developed its own environment, as if it were a continent itself, though it’s the same size as France! A stay in Madagascar will also allow you to meet a welcoming people with an unprecedented culture. Initially inhabited by Asians, followed by Arabs and finally Africans from the eastern part of the continent, the Madagascan land has welcomed a mosaic of peoples who have modelled a unique culture. As a result, their present culture is oriented towards the worship of ancestors and towards orality, where traditional singing, poetry and music are prominent...
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Guide to travelling in Madagascar

You will find tours around Madagascar in these pages. Travelling down the east coast by train? Admiring the humpback whales in Sainte-Marie? Tasting a freshly caught fish on a deserted beach? Evaneos Travel’s local partners have chosen the best experiences for you to enjoy on this exceptional island. And above all, please remember that all these Madagascar travel ideas are to be personalised by your local agent. He will create for you, and with you, a unique and unforgettable trip… Indri, aye-aye, maki catta: names of Japanese food? No, they are species of lemur that you won’t be able to see anywhere else! Welcome to the temple of nature. During your tour around Madagascar, you will have the good fortune to come across the greatest variety of lemurs and chameleons in the world… The Great Red Island is also a paradise for fans of diving: it is not lacking in perfect spots, in the north, south, or east of the country, you’ll find it difficult to decide which one! And a stay in Madagascar is also a trip for your palate. With its several Asian, Indian, African and Creole influences, Madagascan cuisine is spicy but will delight your taste buds.

When to go in Madagascar?


So, when are you going to visit the Big Island?

From December to March, most of the regions are affected by the rainy season or even hurricanes! So that is not the best time.

In winter (June to August), you can expect cool weather at higher altitudes. In short, the best moments to go are spring and autumn, when the climate is less hot and the weather is quite dry.

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joe birmingham
the scenery was outstanding ,the people were very friendly, food was good and most of all the dancing lemur
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I have wanted to visit Madagascar for many years, having been born and raised in East Africa. However it was not until I was retired that I could consider the trip. I loved seeing the country and learning about the culture.Walks in the forest seeing the wildlife was also wonderful, and the forest guides chosen by our driver were absolutely great. I also appreciated seeing the range of socio-economic levels in the country, with some areas very much in need of additional aid, such as clean accessable water. All in all it was a memorable and valuable experience. Re. below - I'd like to upload a few photos - but don't know how. Sorry
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The Weinbergs
Arrived in Tana. Took a flight to Toliara where we met our driver. During the next nine days we traveled north. Visited Reniala baobab reserve, Ifaty, Ranohira, Zombitse national park, Isalo, Ranomafana, Anja, Antsirabe, Ambositra, Andasibe. Returned for one night to Tana and then took a flight to five amazing days in Nosy Be. All in all, a great 16 days in Madagascar.
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