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Summer in Madagascar

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Madagascar, an island nation located in the western Indian Ocean, is particularly famous for its wildlife and unique biodiversity. There are few better places for breathtaking views, relaxing sandy beaches, thick rainforest and delicious local delicacies. Come to Madagascar for your summer vacation and you’ll have some truly unforgettable experiences.

Why should I visit Madagascar in the summer?

If nature captures your imagination, Madagascar provides a safe, spectacular, and fun destination to surround yourself with some of the Earth’s best natural landscapes. Better yet, the warm temperatures are the remedy for escaping Northern Hemisphere winters. Choose from spotting whales or lemurs, splashing away on beautiful beaches, or staring up in awe at the canopy of lush forests.

Best things to do in Madagascar in the summer

Summer in Madagascar is full of adventure opportunities. Here are the top choices for your Madagascar vacation.

See the great baobab trees

The baobab is Madagascar's national tree, revered as the 'mother of the forest' in local culture. Madagascar is home to several species of this magnificent tree, which grows up to nearly 100 feet in height and 40 feet in diameter. The Avenue of the Baobabs in western Madagascar provides a dramatic way to admire these giants.

Enjoy the local cuisine

Malagasy cuisine is a reflection of various African, Asian, and European influences. There are plenty of tasty, healthy options here, including vegetarian-friendly dishes. Enjoy the national staple romazava, a soup made with rice, meat or vegetables, that usually accompanies fritters, or even fine chocolate.

Visit Isalo National Park

Isalo National Park is Madagascar's Grand Canyon. Located in the southern part of the country, this 200,000-acre sandstone landscape is believed to have originally emerged from underneath the sea. It's also a wildlife hotspot, with scores of animal species and over 100 types of birds native only to Madagascar.

Ride the waves

Summer is a great time to surf the coastal waters. Epic surfing spots with magnificent views are located mainly at the southernmost points of the island. Mahambo and Lavanono has some of the country's finest spots, with opportunities for surfers of varying abilities. 

Hit the road

If you're feeling more adventurous, consider renting a car with a driver for a road trip. The RN7 route from the capital of Antananarivo to Toliara is a reliable option. You'll pass through numerous charming towns, various national parks, and enjoy gorgeous views on your journey.

What’s the weather like in Madagascar in the summer?

Summer in Madagascar occurs between November and April. The climate is generally very warm, with the early parts of the season up until January being much drier. Coastal areas receive more rainfall, particularly on the eastern side. Coastal temperatures average about 85°F, while highland areas like Antananarivo are several degrees cooler. While dressing in lightweight clothing is best, you may want an extra layer for cool nights in the highlands.

When to go in Madagascar?


So, when are you going to visit the Big Island?

From December to March, most of the regions are affected by the rainy season or even hurricanes! So that is not the best time.

In winter (June to August), you can expect cool weather at higher altitudes. In short, the best moments to go are spring and autumn, when the climate is less hot and the weather is quite dry.

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