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What to do in Madagascar?

Salama and welcome to these Madagascar travel pages. What do you think of if we say Madagascar? You think of lemurs and baobab trees. A good guess, they are indeed worth the trip. But you will see that besides these two extraordinary species, the Great Red Island holds many charming attractions… Madagascar has unique fauna and flora. You will have the good luck to see orchids, fluorescent ferns, lichens, baobab trees and a huge number of other flowers and trees, with the island playing host to over 9000 types of plants. During your trip in Madagascar, you will go on extraordinary treks: tropical jungles, high plains, dry areas or paradisiacal beaches, the range of landscapes is just as sublime as it is varied. This astounding diversity is a consequence of the island’s history. The land separated very early on from Africa and developed its own environment, as if it were a continent itself, though it’s the same size as France! A stay in Madagascar will also allow you to meet a welcoming people with an unprecedented culture. Initially inhabited by Asians, followed by Arabs and finally Africans from the eastern part of the continent, the Madagascan land has welcomed a mosaic of peoples who have modelled a unique culture. As a result, their present culture is oriented towards the worship of ancestors and towards orality, where traditional singing, poetry and music are prominent...
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