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What to do in Japan?

A holiday in Japan is often the trip of a lifetime. Not only is this country very far from us and remains costly, but it is also a completely different culture and it will delight your senses. Japan fascinates all travellers that enter the country, and you will likely be enchanted as well. You will discover the best-kept traditions are mixed with the ultra-modern technologies. You will meet graceful Japanese women wearing Kimono or Yukata and you will encounter the most technologically developed gadgets... Visiting Japan is also a culinary odyssey, and you will the many ways of eating fish. All your sens will be bewildered during your trip to Japan!

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When to go in Japan?

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Start planning your Japan food tour

Renowned for its culinary prowess, Japan is one of the best destinations in the world for a food tour. Delicious cuisine is found across the country while the capital, Tokyo, is home to more than 230 Michelin starred restaurants. A food tour in Japan provides a wealth of unique culinary experiences, being sure to delight your palate along the way.

What makes Japan a great destination for foodies?

There are a number of options for Japanese food tours depending on the style of cuisine that you are interested in and how much you would like to learn about the local culture. It is essential that you get a tour guide that speaks English, which Evaneos can arrange so that you can truly enjoy your food tour and understand the stories behind the different dishes that you try.

The best gastronomy tours in Japan

Think of Japanese cuisine and the first thing that pops into your mind is probably sushi. But a food tour of Japan will reveal plenty of delicious options available throughout the country. A good idea is to choose the regions that you plan to visit based on the food that they specialize in.

  • Sample artisan cheese on Hokkaido

    Head to the island of Hokkaido in Northern Japan to experience a wide range of dairy products. In winter, the capital city of Sapporo hosts a number of festivals that celebrate the food of the region with a focus on cheese and the famous warm Hokkaido cheese tart.
  • Shimoda Seafood Specialties

    About four hours south of Tokyo, you will find the port town of Shimoda, which is famous across Japan for its excellent seafood. No serious food tour of Japan would be complete without a visit to this town to try the baked fish, squid, and sushi.

  • Tender cuts of beef in Kobe

    The region of Kobe is known for producing the tenderest and most flavorful beef in the world. The Kobe breed of Wagyu cattle are truly pampered and the result is beef that is perfectly marbled. The teppanyaki grills in Kobe are the stuff of legends.

  • Feast on ramen in Yokohama

    This city is just 40 minutes away from Tokyo and is the home of ramen noodles. Take a guided walking tour of the best ramen noodle shops in the city including the very first ramen shop in Japan.

  • Dine on a delicacy on Kyushu Island

    If you are feeling brave, head to this island to try the fugu blowfish. This delicious fish is deadly if not prepared correctly and the best fugu chefs in Japan are found on Kyushu Island. The fugu is caught fresh on a daily basis and is a truly unique culinary experience.

    Tips for planning a food tour in Japan

Japan offers amazing produce all-year-round, so there are always some seasonal treats to enjoy. Evaneos local agencies can recommend the best local dishes and help you find authentic places to dine in, so you can truly savor the tastes of Japan.

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