Spring in Japan

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What to do in Japan?

A holiday in Japan is often the trip of a lifetime. Not only is this country very far from us and remains costly, but it is also a completely different culture and it will delight your senses. Japan fascinates all travellers that enter the country, and you will likely be enchanted as well. You will discover the best-kept traditions are mixed with the ultra-modern technologies. You will meet graceful Japanese women wearing Kimono or Yukata and you will encounter the most technologically developed gadgets... Visiting Japan is also a culinary odyssey, and you will the many ways of eating fish. All your sens will be bewildered during your trip to Japan!
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When to go in Japan?

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Start planning your spring trip to Japan

Spring in Japan is a time of regeneration, with warm temperatures bringing the flowering of cherry blossom trees and celebrations throughout the country. While most of Japan is warming up, the snow still lingers in Hokkaido, providing visitors with some of the finest ski slopes in all of Asia.

Why should I visit Japan in the spring? 

As the snow thaws and temperatures rise, Japan is transformed into a landscape of beautiful colors. The cherry blossom trees in the cities and countryside burst into shades of pink and white. From ski resorts and mountain trekking to local festivals and traditions, spring in Japan offers a vast range of excellent activities and experiences. 

The best things to do in Japan in spring 

With so much variety, it can be difficult to plan the best activities for a Japanese springtime vacation. Here are some of the best things to do while in Japan during spring. 

Ski with locals in Hokkaido 

The snow might have thawed in most of Japan, but the island of Hokkaido still has enough snow for skiers and snowboard enthusiasts. Some of the resorts remain open to cater for the needs of late snowboarders, while hot springs offer a perfect way to relax at the end of the day on the slopes. 

Catch cherry blossoms 

From late-March onwards, the Japanese cherry trees finally blossom. The pink and white flowers fill the cities with color, painting Japan in soft shades and creating picture-perfect views across the country. Join in the party with the locals wherever you are and toast with sake for a fruitful year ahead.

Trek along the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

In the center of the island of Honshu, the snow-capped peaks of the Japanese Alps take on a striking beauty in the spring. The scenic lakes and villages in the Toyama and Nagano prefectures offer visitors the chance to enjoy incredible scenery and rural hospitality

Join in tradition at the Sanja Festival 

One of the three great Shinto festivals celebrated in Tokyo, the Sanja Festival, or Sanja Matsuri, is held on the third weekend of May. The festival is celebrated with traditional music and dance, as well as wild parades through the streets of Tokyo. Watch the city come alive, grab some local street food, and join in the celebration at local temples. 

Rejuvenate on Okinawa's beaches 

With over 100 islands, you’ll find time to relax on Okinawa’s pristine white sand beaches, which enjoy perfect temperatures during springtime. Wildlife around the islands and beaches is varied, with sharks and manta rays found in deeper waters and crabs occasionally spotted on the shores. When you’re done with sunbathing, head to the museums dedicated to the cultural and natural history of the islands. 

What's the weather like in Japan in spring? 

Spring in Japan brings a welcome warmth to most parts of the country. Tokyo and Osaka can average 50°F in March, rising to around 60°F by the end of the season. The temperature is perfect for hiking, but it’s advisable to bring pants and a coat to ward off the evening chill in places like Sapporo. For much of Japan, a light jacket should be packed for lighter rain. In the mountains, it gets significantly colder, and in the northern regions you might find chillier days. 

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