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A family vacation to Japan is a chance for you and your kids to experience a very unique country. Tokyo's neon-lit streets and cherry blossoms at Yokohama's Shomyo Temple are some of the country's unforgettable sights. Kids will love a trip to places like Tokyo's electronics district, and authentic cultural experiences like a Japanese tea ceremony.

What makes Japan a great destination for families?

Japan is known as being one of the world's safest countries, and families with kids of all ages will have a great time exploring both its cities and rural areas. There are lots of excursions for the entire family, and a range of suitable accommodation options including traditional hotels and guesthouses.

The best things to do in Japan with kids

With the Land of the Rising Sun being full of interesting cultural experiences, you can't go wrong with family trips in Japan. Tokyo is the clear option for a classic Japanese holiday, with the chance to see additional sights outside of the capital.

  • High-tech fun in Tokyo

    Tokyo is understandably Japan's most popular destination. Kids will love finding rare video games and toys in the Akihabara district. RiSuPia Panasonic Digital Network Museum features tech exhibits explained on iPads given to each visitor.
  • Play and learn at Osaka's Kids Plaza

    Japan's second city is an excellent destination, reachable by bullet train from Tokyo or worth a stay in its own right. Kids Plaza Osaka is a modern science museum with hands-on learning experiences, perfect for a family day out.
  • Visit Yokohama's historic port

    Yokohama is a charming city on Japan's east coast, especially for families seeking an authentic visit. Shomyo Temple is magnificent during the spring cherry blossom season. Combine this with a visit to a tea ceremony room for the ultimate cultural experience in Japan.
  • Take a trip to mighty Mount Fuji

    Mount Fuji is Japan's tallest and most famous mountain. It's often visible from the capital on clear days, and you can take a trip there by bus, making it a superb trip for families in Japan. It departs from Tokyo's Shinjuku neighborhood, taking just a couple of hours.
  • Ice sculptures and skiing in Sapporo

    The gorgeous city of Sapporo is located in Japan's far north. See the ice sculpture competition in early February, a delightful experience for the entire family. Sapporo is also an excellent base for accessing superb ski slopes, and the historic Hokkaido Shrine can be visited year-round.

Tips for planning a family vacation in Japan

Public transport, especially bullet trains and regional bus services, is fast and efficient in Japan. Car rental is rarely necessary but can be a good idea for accessing more rural areas. Temperatures vary throughout the year and depend on the region. Bring good warm coats and walking boots in winter, and thinner, looser clothing for the humid summers. 

The best time to visit Japan as a family

Japan’s many festivals mean that choosing when to visit is not simply a case of looking at the weather. Luckily, Japan is a year-round destination and so no matter when you decide to book in for the family trip of a lifetime, you won’t be disappointed. 

When to go in Japan?


The best season to visit Japan is the spring: the weather is glorious and the cherry trees are in blossom. You can also go in the autumn when the colours are just as beautiful. But is it always better to go mid-season to explore the country. In fact, winter can be very cold, whilst summer is often very hot with heavy rain.

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