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A food tour in Italy is a truly unforgettable experience. Italian food and wine are some of the most popular in the world and with good reason. From handmade pasta and real wood oven-fired pizzas to fresh meat and seafood and delicious antipasto, this country is a food lover's dream.

What makes Italy a great destination for foodies?

Although a smaller country, Italy contains a number of different regions, each with their own unique local dishes closely tied to the respective regional agriculture. Campania is a major vegetable producer of vegetables, which is reflected in local fare such as tomato and olive-based spaghetti alla puttanesca. In Lombardy, a region with many livestock farms, you'll find dishes such as ossobuco, a beef stew, and seafood dishes are common on the island of Sicily.

The best food and wine tours in Italy

There's more to food and wine in Italy than pizza and pasta, though you shouldn't miss trying authentic versions of these favorites in Italy. An expert English-speaking local guide from Evaneos' network will introduce you to the authentic local dishes found in these unique regions.

  • Eat pizza where it was invented

    Although the exact origin of pizza is disputed, Italians agree it came from the Naples region. Pizzerias are found citywide, particularly along Via dei Tribunali. Eat pizza here as it was meant to be eaten: thin, wood-fired dough topped with fresh tomato sauce, fresh basil, and soft mozzarella.

  • Take a cooking class in Puglia

    Puglia is a region located in the "heel" of Italy. Along with breathtaking landscapes and quaint villages, the area abounds with delicious local food. Evaneos' local partners here can arrange a cooking class for visitors to create their own local dishes such as handmade focaccia.

  • Go truffle hunting in Piedmont

    There are few food items more luxurious than the truffle. Travelers can experience a real truffle hunt with a local trifualu (truffle hunter) and dog in the Piedmont region. Taste the glorious rewards afterwards with an optional culinary session.

  • Tour Tuscany's vineyards

    Italy boasts vineyards throughout the country, but Tuscany perhaps has the best of them all. On the stunning Tuscan hillsides, admire ancient churches and medieval villas while sampling the finest Chianti and Vernaccia wine.

  • Make fresh pasta in Bologna

    Another great opportunity to learn about cooking awaits in Bologna. Visitors can join a pasta-making class and learn about the different varieties of pasta from tagliatelle to tortellini. Sit and enjoy the products of your efforts with a glass of wine afterwards.

Tips for planning a food tour in Italy

Seasons are important when planning an Italian food tour. The Tuscan grape harvest happens every September and October, and many towns hold harvest festivals to celebrate. This is also the ideal time for truffle and mushroom hunting. Summer is the best time to sample fresh fruits and vegetables in Italy; some varieties such as Roman artichokes and beans come into season during spring. Find out more about the best times to travel to Italy depending on what you're looking to do and find more mouth-watering inspiration from our other food and wine trips

When to go in Italy?


Spring and autumn are the best times of year to visit Italy. In summer, the central and southern parts of the country experience a few weeks of very hot weather; and it can get very cold in Northern Italy in winter, especially in the Alpine region. Take the area you intend to visit and explore into consideration when choosing the time of year for your trip. And avoid the month of August at all costs: the cities are absolutely teeming with people at that time of year.

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