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Italy Family Vacations

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Family tour ideas in Italy

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Italy’s many world-famous sites make it a perfect choice for any family getaway - a week or two on a European adventure that they won’t forget. See the Vatican or Michelangelo’s David, before enjoying local delicacies or embarking on a water sport adventure along the coast. By speaking to a local travel agent or checking out some of our traveler reviewsyou’ll be able to create a trip to Italy that’s perfect for you and your family. You need not choose between culture, adventure and relaxation on a private tour, since you’ll be able to structure your trip around your own preferences.

Best things to see and do in Italy with kids

What to see as a family

Italy has so much to offer kids of any age. Older children always love learning about the history and culture here, which can be found all over the country, from Venice to Florence and beyond. In Rome, why not visit the Colosseum and see a reenactment, gladiators and all. For families looking to immerse themselves in history and culture, The Vatican is a must see, where you can stroll through incredible buildings, such as The Basilica of St Peter. Covered in stunning architecture and art, its the perfect place to learn about some of Italy’s most famous artists and historical figures and The Vatican Museums are in no short supply of interesting and interactive exhibitions. The Sistine Chapel is a firm favorite, and the crowds are well-worth braving to see this incredible place. If the crowds are too much for you however, you can even buy skip the line tickets to all the best kid-friendly attractions, meaning you won’t have to spend your trip waiting in line. Rome is a perfect destination to visit for younger children, who may become bored with long museum visits and historical tours. Here you’ll be able to see art and culture around every corner as it blends into the cityscape. Visit The Trevi Fountain for instance, before heading off for a pizza just a few short blocks away.

What to do as a family

Italy’s reputation as an incredible destination for a family vacation is certainly down to its abundance of choice when it comes to destinations. The Amalfi Coast may be known as the romantic destination of choice but its crystal clear waters, hidden coves, delicious food and never-ending choices of activity make it a great place to take kids too. Take a trip off the coast in a classic catamaran or motorboat and try banana boating, wake-boarding or water skiing. If you’d prefer to keep your feet on the ground, go on a walking tour around Italy’s stunning countryside, near the foothills of The Dolomites or in the Cinque Terre area for instance. Keeping the kids entertained when you visit Italy couldn’t be easier. Why not arrange a food tasting experience to try pizza as you’ve never tried it before? If the food is you and your family’s favorite part about your trip here, then a cookery course is a fantastic way to spend a day learning new skills as a family whilst having the time of your lives...and sampling delicious food! Active families will never be bored on a family vacation to Italy, with beautiful water to swim in, paths to cycle, cities to explore on foot and mountains to climb. For those looking to explore without wearing themselves out, or for families with young children, don’t worry! Every city has its own fun and quirky way to explore. Take a carriage in Rome or a gondola in Venice and see the city from a totally new perspective stopping off at all the best sites along the way. Whatever you decide to see and do on your family tour of Italy, you will come away with unbeatable memories of this incredible country.

Best time to visit Italy as a family 

Italy is a truly year round family destination with things to do and see in every season. Summer is without a doubt the most popular season, due mainly to the glorious weather, particularly in the South and along the coasts. This does mean however, that crowds will be much bigger during the summer months and that prices will be higher. Availability in hotels may also be significantly reduced. During the winter, why not visit The Dolomites and try your hands at skiing? Winter is also a great time to visit any of the major cities, which only become more picturesque in the colder weather. You also won’t have to wait in line as much for some of the major attractions and you can truly enjoy the classics of heartwarming Italian cuisine.

Family vacation tips for traveling to Italy

With a little research and knowledge you can ensure that you are as prepared as possible for your family trip to Italy, here a few tips and tricks to ensure that everything runs smoothly on your vacation.

  • As with any popular tourist destination, you and your family may encounter pickpockets when visiting some of the more crowded sites. These are easy to tackle by simply making sure that any valuables are kept safe and sound back at your hotel and that you don’t carry large amounts of cash.
  • During the summer months, some areas of Italy can become very busy. Plan ahead to ensure that you have someone to stay that meets you and your family’s needs. With very young children, try to stick to more off-the-beaten-path destinations to avoid any unwanted stress caused by larger crowds, reduced availability or raised prices.
  • Try to learn a few key phrases in the local language. This will be helpful in any situation and even if you never need it to communicate, it can be fun and educational for children to learn about the local language and culture. If nothing else, everyone likes to be greeted and thanked in their native language.
  • Push back dinner time. Since dinner time in Italy is often later, you may find it hard to fit your trip around a strict early bedtime schedule. Embrace later starts and later bedtimes during your trip to ensure that you get the most out of your trip while syncing with local lifestyles.

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