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Italy has more than its fair share of awe-inspiring landscapes, from the dreamy Dolomites mountain range in the north to Sicily's sizzling Mount Etna. For hikers, there are peaks, coastlines, and valleys to thrill even the most experienced. There's never been a better time to dust off your boots and go hiking in Italy.

What makes Italy a great destination for hiking?

Apart from the food, art, and charming cities, Italy offers a huge variety of hiking options for adventurous travelers. Arguably the best way to take in the country's breathtaking countryside is on two feet, allowing you to explore those winding country paths and towering cliff-side trails. And there are plenty of places to stop at along the way. See castles, monasteries, and pretty villages dotted throughout its landscapes, and after a long day hiking, what could be better than a meal with fine wine at one of the country's gorgeous vineyards?

The best places to go hiking in Italy

Planning the best hiking routes in Italy can take a bit of time and know-how. Here's a little inspiration to help you start planning your Italy hiking trip. 

Explore the Florence Renaissance Ring Trail

This hike follows a 106-mile circuit around the Renaissance capital of Italy, Florence. Hiking through the fields and over Tuscan hills takes you to castles and monasteries, along Roman roads, and into enchanting countryside churches.

Hike the Paths of the Gods on the Amalfi Coast

Among the best hikes in Italy, the Path of Gods runs along the Amalfi Coast, from the village of Nocelle to Bomerano. You’ll enjoy magnificent aerial views of Capri island and the various villages dotted around this part of the coast, each with colorful houses. For a gentler experience, begin hiking from Bomerano and enjoy the downward slope towards Nocelle.

Scale Sicily’s Mount Etna

Ascending Mount Etna is one of the must-do activities for hikers in Italy. The volcano still experiences occasional eruptions and depending on your trekking skills, you can take various routes that lead to beautiful caves, ravines, and ancient lava gullies.

Trek through the Dolomites

Trekking in the Dolomites should be on every hiker's wish-list. The landscape here ranges from cloud-covered peaks and vertical cliffs, to alpine meadows and turquoise mountain lakes, like stunning Braies. The scenery here is absolutely unrivalled and the landscape will leave you in awe.

Quench your thirst on Chianti’s hiking trails

Walking from one vineyard to another in the Tuscan countryside reveals a more laid-back side to hiking in Italy. Various trails wind their way through beautifully-scented countryside, with vineyards stretching for as far as the eye can see.

Tips for planning a hiking tour in Italy

The best times of year for trekking in Italy are spring and autumn. Be sure to pack good hiking boots, snacks, and water. Light, breathable clothing is also recommended. Either bring a good quality map or GPS navigation system and mark out your routes and rest stops in advance of the hike.

When to go in Italy?


Spring and autumn are the best times of year to visit Italy. In summer, the central and southern parts of the country experience a few weeks of very hot weather; and it can get very cold in Northern Italy in winter, especially in the Alpine region. Take the area you intend to visit and explore into consideration when choosing the time of year for your trip. And avoid the month of August at all costs: the cities are absolutely teeming with people at that time of year.

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