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Italy is in southern Europe and boasts an extensive Mediterranean coastline. The nation is famed for being a former cradle of Western culture and epicenter of an empire that stretched across most of Europe. Across the country, you can visit a wealth of incredible historic cities and scenic landscapes, all best enjoyed during the beautifully warm days of summer in Italy.

Why should I visit Italy in summer?

Italy is one of Europe’s biggest Mediterranean countries with stunning natural landscapes in both the north and south. The country has scenic coastlines, expansive lakes, and towering mountain peaks along the Alps. Summer is a great time to visit Italy’s numerous historic cities, including grand squares and stunning gardens, with statues and fountains that really sparkle in the summer sunshine. Visitors can also indulge in classic Italian cuisine in little trattorias, traditional restaurants, throughout the country.

The best things to do in Italy in summer

There are many great summer attractions in Italy. Aside from exploring historic cities, the beaches of Sardinia, the Italian Lakes, and the Alps are some of the country's finest natural landscapes and are great destinations for summer vacations. Here are the best summer experiences in Italy. 

Eat gelato in Florence

Gelato is a distinctive style of Italian ice cream that reportedly originated in Florence. So, go straight to the source to sample this rich and creamy treat during your summer adventure in Italy.

Take a boat tour of Lake Como

The Italian Lakes region in northern Italy is simply stunning during the summer. Sitting beneath the Alps mountain range, Lake Como is one of the most scenic lakes in the region and is best explored on a boat tour.

Catch some sun on Sardinia’s beaches

During summers in Italy, you can be sure to find locals and visitors alike lounging on the country's many beaches. There are great beaches on the mainland, but a lot of the country’s finest stretches of sand are on the island of Sardinia. The beaches along the Costa Smeralda arguably feature some of the most spectacular coastal scenery in Europe.

Explore Rome’s architectural wonders

The capital of Italy is home to some of the country’s most notable historic architecture. Be sure to visit the world-famous Pantheon, Colosseum, and Roman Forum ruins. Rome is also a very green city with some great gardens, perfect for a sunny afternoon picnic in the summer (and some more gelato). 

Go hiking in the Dolomites

The Dolomites, in South Tyrol, are a collection of majestic mountains with dramatic, rocky peaks. They are at their greenest during the summer and make for a great active vacation. Alta Badia is a great destination for summer hikes through the Dolomites, where you’ll see some of Italy’s finest mountain landscapes.

What’s the weather like in Italy in summer?

Italy typically has hot and dry summers, especially in the south where it’s not unusual for temperatures to get up to the high 80s. Remember to pack some sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses for protection. Summer is an immensely busy time in Italy, so try and discover some off-the-beaten-track places for a more relaxing experience.

When to go in Italy?


Spring and autumn are the best times of year to visit Italy. In summer, the central and southern parts of the country experience a few weeks of very hot weather; and it can get very cold in Northern Italy in winter, especially in the Alpine region. Take the area you intend to visit and explore into consideration when choosing the time of year for your trip. And avoid the month of August at all costs: the cities are absolutely teeming with people at that time of year.

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