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Göreme (Turkey)

Practical information on Göreme

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5 / 5 - 5 reviews
How to get there
10 hours by car, or 1 hour and 15 minutes by plane from Istanbul
When to go
All year round
Minimum stay
3 to 5 days

Reviews of Göreme

Timothée D. Seasoned Traveller
564 written opinions

Göreme is a small town in the middle of Cappadocia's incredible rock formations, and the ideal base for discovering the national park that surrounds it

My suggestion:
If you are staying in Göreme then you should visit its open air museum which celebrates everything Byzantine.
My review
A wonderfully colorful village in the heart of Cappadocia's lunar landscape, Göreme is your dream spot for discovering the magnificent surrounding countryside. You don't really need telling that Cappadocia is enchanting. For me, it's Turkey's fairy tale region one of the most beautiful in the world , and Göreme is one of the reasons why.
A rock formation near Göreme
Timothée D. Seasoned Traveller
564 written opinions

One of the  most strange and fantastic regions in Turkey, Cappadocia, with its rock stacks, craters and other extraordinary geological features, has some wonderful geological marvels to offer.

My suggestion:
The town of Göreme is undoubtedly the most practical place to stay when exploring the region.
My review
With its absolutely unforgettable lunar landscapes, Cappadocia offers scenery of a kind rarely encountered in life. Created from high plateaus formed by volcanic ash which were then carved out during periods of glaciation, the result today is an astounding mix of rock stacks, craters, lakes, crevasses and canyons, with the whole formed from crumbly tufa, giving the place a surreal appearance.
The landscape of Cappadocia
Seasoned Traveller
26 written opinions

Cappadocia is a region in the center of Anatolia, in Turkey, which is also known as "the country of beautiful horses".

My suggestion:
Cappadocia is one of the most visited regions in Turkey, but avoid going there in high summer. I went in winter and I found there were already plenty of people on the most well-known sites.
My review
The region is well-known for its breathtaking scenery, the houses that are dug out of the rock, and its mysterious geological formations which are called "fairy chimneys".
Antoine d'Audigier Seasoned Traveller
94 written opinions

A superb arid region which should be viewed from the ground and from the air.

My suggestion:
Take the time to walk through the numerous caves and admire the beauty of the park. The next day, take flight!
My review
I will never forget the dry beauty of Göreme, which is an unmissable destination during a trip to Turkey, in its beautiful valley of phallic rocks reaching for the sky and hills dotted with caves. Its hotels have been done-up to receive visitors comfortably but, as a die-hard backpacker, I preferred an abandoned cave for the night.
Countryside around Göreme
Seasoned Traveller
11 written opinions

Magnificent landscapes classified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

My suggestion:
I advise you to sleep in rooms in troglodytic accommodation.
My review

Cappadociais, in my opinion, the key region of Turkey. The landscapes are all very impressive and at every new valley visit, there's a new spectacle ahead. You will go past a landscape of volcanic origin formed by ashes and mud, of which the erosion has recreated the silhouette by digging up the valleys. You will discover enormous cliffs, troglodytic villages with habitations in cavities, old churches carved out of the same rock.

Depending on the time, the landscape changes colour, you could spend days looking at and surveying Cappadocia in all senses. I think that it's particularly pleasant to go from one town to the other (such as from Göreme to Uçhisar) by walking on the lover and pigeon valleys. These enable you to do a loop and return to the starting point.

Finally, I advise you to visit the incredible underground city of Derinkuyu dating from the 8th century BC and being able to welcome up to 50,000 people. Underground you can find a real town: bedrooms, churches, stables, refectories...

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