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Culture and Discovery in Turkey

A trip on the planet of Cappadocia

In the morning, when the cold still dominates, the light turns a pale blue colour, the mist rolls over the valley and there is only silence on the planet of Cappadocia. S...
Silvia Garcia & François Vioud23 November 2015
Travel story

The ancient site of Ephesus, from one temple to another

On the Aegean coast in Turkey, between Selçuk and Kusadasi, is found one of the principal ancient sites of Asia Minor: that of Ephesus, which still has many ancient Greek...
Marie TSOUNGUI5 January 2016
Travel story

Authentic promenade in the districts of Kadiköy

A cosmopolitan district of Istanbul, Kadiköy is one of the most lively areas of the mega-city. An authentic atmosphere blending modern impulses with its young population ...
Clemence Zisswiller23 November 2015
Travel story

Hasankeyf, ephemeral splendour.

Hasankeyf is in south-eastern Turkey, a very small city containing numerous natural and human wonders. Associated with a rich, ancient history, the diverse geological and...
Silvia Garcia & François Vioud23 November 2015
Travel story

Sile, a green setting in Istanbul

Do you want to get away somewhere during your trip to Istanbul? Hop on the bus to Sile! 40km from the "town centre", the small town has an authentic atmosphere and postca...
Clemence Zisswiller20 November 2015
Travel story

The surprising beauty of the Turko-Syrian border region

The border regions are often ignored by tourists and regarded simply as places you pass through on the way elsewhere. They can, however, have some wonderful surprises to ...
Silvia Garcia & François Vioud20 November 2015
Travel story

From Trabzon to the Sumela Monastery

Trabzon has been a major trading post for centuries and is now one of the biggest cities on the north-east coast of Turkey. It's impossible to leave the city without visi...
Elodie Arnouk20 November 2015
Travel story

Lycia, between Antalya and Fethiye

Famous for its beaches and mountainous landscapes, Turkey's "Turquoise Coast" was known in ancient times as Lycia. Today, the region corresponds with the coasts between A...
Elodie Arnouk20 November 2015
Travel story

Pamukkale: an remarkable cotton castle

Let yourself be taken in by this surreal universe made up of mineral forests, of terrific waterfalls and a series of pools laid naturally flat or flowing from thermal wat...
Emilie Couillard20 November 2015
Travel story

Top 5 activities for couples in Istanbul

You probably won't have enough time to see all of it, this amazing city is full of treasures and is a perfect getaway for couples!
Emilie Couillard17 November 2015
Travel story
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