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Anatolie (Turkey)

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5 / 5 - 3 reviews
How to get there
4hrs 30min flight from London
When to go
All year round
Minimum stay
One week

Reviews of Anatolie

Timothée D. Seasoned Traveller
285 written opinions

Covering much of the eastern part, Anatolia is typical of Asian Turkey and is home to some of the country's most incredible tourist attractions.

My suggestion:
If you're pressed for time, head to the Cappadoce, the south coast and the majestic Mount Ararat, to the east of the region.
My review

It's hard to sum up a region that is so large and varied in terms of its landscape, culture and influences. Maybe the easiest way to do so, is to describe Anatolia as just that - Anatolian! Here you'll find an historical and cultural blend stemming from an Armenian, Ottoman, Kurdish, Greek and Christian past. It's an ethnic kaleidoscope, which the current Turkish regimes appears to be erasing, as if to replace it with a new, regional identity.

I wasn't, therefore, surprised when, during visits to Anatolian towns, I came across Armenian churches next to mosques and ancient Greek sites, not to mention hearing people speak Kurdish. With its high plateau setting, the region boasts impressive mountain ranges, incredible rock formations and a divine coastline.

The Cappadoce, a famous Anatolian destination
Seasoned Traveller
16 written opinions

A very vast expanse of land endowed with a diversity of treasures.

My suggestion:
You will need more than a week to visit the entire region.
My review

Anatolia is a vast region, equivalent to the whole of Turkey minus the tiny European and Kurdish areas to the West. This expanse of land is mostly mountainous; nevertheless, you will see a variety of landscapes. The Northern region, rather green and humid, also has the Black Sea. The Centre is rather volcanic, while the Mediteranean coast is in the Southern region.

I really like this region, and in my opinion, it holds several cities of interest. It is, however, difficult to draw up a complete list, considering the vastness of the area. For instance, I can tell you about the inevitable city of Istanbul and its gigantic mosques; Izmir, which is near Ephesus, the famous ancient city; Bodrum, a seaside resort; Antalya and its old town...

As for tourist attractions, there are many in Anatolia, as Turkey also has a wealth of history. Here and there, you will find reminders of antiquity: Greco-Roman remains as well Pamukkale's hot springs or Cappadocia's volcanic landscape, unique in the world.

Antalya's old harbour
Karapinar's volcano, near Konya
Clemence Zisswiller Seasoned Traveller
34 written opinions

The western peninsula of Asia, Anatolia is the main part of Turkey.

My suggestion:
You will no doubt need more than one trip to see all of Anatolia. You will however be able to direct your trips according to your preferences (sea, mountains, ancient sites) because there is something to suit all of your wishes in Anatolia!
My review

In Greek, the term Anatolia means 'the East' or the sunrise. If Rumelia is the western part of Turkey, then Asia Minor starts in Anatolia. It's surely in Istanbul that this geographical split can be noticed most. Due to this, crossing one of the bridges over the Bosphorus which link the East and the West is a unique experience to be done when on holiday in Turkey.

Anatolia is impressive due to its sizeand seduces due to its diversity. A diversity of cultures because of a long history, as well the passage of many civilisations. Have you never heard Turkey being spoken of as the 'birthplace of civilisations'? What's more, it has a great diversity in terms of landscape. Bordered by different seas, marked by mountainous reliefs and forests, Anatolia also has some particular sites like Cappadocia or Pamukkale.

During my travels through Anatolia, I was charmed by the hospitality of its inhabitants. From one region to another, the culture varies but the welcome always remains just as warm. Doing a tour around Anatolia allows you to also try different culinary specialities: manti from Kayseri, baklava from Gaziantep, or even künefe from Hatay...

Mosque in Bursa, a city in Anatolia