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Mardin (Turkey)

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5 / 5 - 2 reviews
How to get there
1 hour 30 from Diyarbakir by bus
When to go
From April to October
Minimum stay
One day

Reviews of Mardin

Seasoned Traveller
17 written opinions

With family, as a couple, among friends or on your own, Mardin is a must-see for history and architecture enthusiasts.

My suggestion:
Don't hesitate to ask around you which door to knock on to try the Mardin wine, made with grapes and other red fruits, homemade by the city's Christian population.
My review

I enjoyed my trip to Mardin. The magnificent old city is built on a hill which dominates the lowlands of the fertile crescent, giving us a glimpse of the Syrian lands.

The diversity of cultures in Mardin is astonishing. Several religions coexist: Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Yezidism. One only needs to look at the alternation of bell towers and minarets from the citadel. Whilst strolling about, I could hear people speaking Arabic, Turkish and Kurdish all at the same time. This mosaic results from Mardin's special history which, for a long time, was a model of religious tolerance.

I strongly advise you to visit the excellent museum, which is worth a visit because it enables you to better understand the wealth and complexity of the city's history, monuments, diversity and serene atmosphere.

However, you must be alert to the news because the Syrian border is very nearby. In March 2014, I saw tanks of the Turkish army in the streets and a UN camp was set up on the highest point of the hill... However, that didn't disrupt my trip, but the situation can change...well, I hope.

Old city of Mardin
Elif Karaman Seasoned Traveller
13 written opinions

A must-see stop-off point during a trip to Eastern Turkey. Mardin is North of Mesopotami and is mainly populated with Kurdish people.

My suggestion:
Stay vigilant with the war in Syria and the Kurdish/Turkish conflict and favour the bayram (religious celebration) to go there.
My review

I really enjoyed my trip to Eastern Turkey. It is one of my best travelling memories. Mardin is the city to visit: its inhabitants are very welcoming and the food is delicious. What surprised me the most was the impressive view over Mesopotami, this historical region where numerous populations and civilisations found themselves over the course of history.

I liked visiting the old Assyrian city with its housing and churches, which are at Midyad. It's a magnificent, unique place not to be missed.

After a long summer's day and at dusk, go and sit in a café overlooking Mesopotami to enjoy the calm and freshness.

Sunset over Mesopotami
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