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An update from Evaneos

What to put in your suitcase when travelling in Turkey

The ticket's been booked, you're bursting with excitement, the trip seems far off and you're no doubt driving your friends crazy. But be warned, before you know it, you'll be hopping on that plane to start your trip to Turkey... best prepare your bags now.

Clothes-wise it obviously depends upon the season during which you travel, but in general lightwear clothes are best. Pack a sweater, though, as evenings can be chilly. To visit religious sites, you should wear long clothes that cover your arms and legs. Don't panic if you forget to pack an item of clothing - there are plenty of markets where you can buy stuff. During winter it can rain quite a bit and it can get really cold in Anatolia. So bear that in mind when sorting out your kit.

As for medicines, you only need to put a basic medical kit together. Turkey doesn't have any particular health issues and you'll easily find pharmacies in all towns. That way, you can limit your baggage and travel as light as possible.

Don't forget your ATM card, so you can draw money out. There are ATM machines everywhere and it's easier than taking travelers checks. Having driven your friends mad before you left, you now need to make sure they turn green with envy when you get back. You'll be returning with a golden tan and a zillion snapshots of your adventure. So don't forget your camera/camcorder and make sure your flash drives have enough memory. Make a photocopy of your passport. Just in case you lose the original. If you're planning to drive in Turkey, you'll need an international drivers permit.

Things to pack

  1. Your spirit of adventure, an open mind and a willingness to discover a new culture.
  2. An international drivers permit so you can rent vehicles.
  3. Camera/camcorder to record all those memories
  4. ATM card to withdraw cash
  5. A photocopy of your passport in case of loss
  6. A basic medical kit - essentials only
  7. Long clothes that cover arms and legs for visiting religious sites
  8. Warm clothes to protect you from Anatolia's winter cold
  9. Water proof clothes if you're going during the wetter winter months
  10. Lightweight clothes for hotter weather/areas
David Debrincat
459 contributions