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Nepal Travel Guide

5 reasons to travel to Nepal

A trip to Népal is an opportunity to enjoy lots of holidays in one. Whether it's coming back in search of long lost atmosphere or to see the highest mountains in the world, everyone will find something of interest.

  • 1.
    Try the delicious food
  • 2.
    Hope to see a tiger
  • 3.
    Experience the unique atmosphere of Pashupatinath.
  • 4.
    Feel so small beside the highest peaks in the world.
  • 5.
    Discover, or indeed rediscover, Katmandu

Travel ideas

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Places of interest

Is this the destination for you?

A trip to Nepal will delight those who have heard of the legendary hippie atmosphere of Katmandu but will disappoint nostalgic vistors who experienced that great era.

NB, this article was written before two powerful earthquakes ravaged the country in April and May 2015

You should go if

  • You dream of beaches and palm trees
  • You don't like very spicy food
  • You like your little home comforts
  • You like large, modern cities
  • You hope to find the same atmosphere in Katmandu as you found last time you went, over 30 years ago now

You shouldn't go if

  • You love culture shocks
  • You're an occasional hiker and seek to climb higher
  • You're an experienced climber and you dream of Mount Everest and the Himalayas
  • You've heard of the magical atmosphere in Katmandu
  • You hope to see a tiger in the wild
  • You would like to travel back in time
  • You want to experience the highly charged emotional atmosphere at Pashupatinath

Culture and Discovery

A completely easy trek in the Annapurnas

After the violent earthquakes which struck Nepal, it is not advised to travel in this country in the heart of the Himalayas. On their behalf, the Nepalese people are doin...
Laetitia Santos21 March 2016
Travel story

Boudhanath: a procession around the largest stupa in Nepal

A spiritual getaway, far from the hustle and bustle of Thamel. Situated just 5 kilometres from the city, Boudhanath is one of the most revered Buddhist shrines in Nepal...
Pauline Girardey8 April 2016
Travel story

The historic town of Gorkha

Go into Gorkha town itself, which is one of the most historically interesting towns in Nepal.
David Debrincat24 March 2016
Travel story

Bardiya National Park, your best chance to see a tiger!

Do you want to see a wild tiger? Don't miss the Bardiya National Park, the place where your wish is most likely to be fulfilled.
David Debrincat23 March 2016
Travel story

The Tharu villages around the Bardiya National Park

Go to discover the Tharu villages.
David Debrincat23 March 2016
Travel story

Are the Gokyo Lakes the most beautiful trek in the Himalayas?

Nepal is a paradise for those who love wide open spaces and trekking. The one to the Gokyo Lakes is, for me, one of the most beautiful you can find in this country, much ...
Pauline Girardey22 March 2016
Travel story
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