5 reasons to travel to Nepal

A trip to Népal is an opportunity to enjoy lots of holidays in one. Whether it's coming back in search of long lost atmosphere or to see the highest mountains in the world, everyone will find something of interest.

  1. 1
    Try the delicious food
  2. 2
    Hope to see a tiger
  3. 3
    Experience the unique atmosphere of Pashupatinath.
  4. 4
    Feel so small beside the highest peaks in the world.
  5. 5
    Discover, or indeed rediscover, Katmandu
1. Try the delicious food
With it's Indian and Chinese influences, Nepalese cuisine is wonderful. Try the famous momos, something akin to ravioli, either boiled or fried. Vegetarians won't be left out either, since meat-free specialities are very common. Watch out for all the spices!
2. Hope to see a tiger
In the Chitwan National Park or the Bardia Nature Reserve, you have the opportunity of seeing tigers in the wild. They are shy, timid and difficult to spot but it's here that you'll have the best chance of seeing these fascinating animals.
3. Experience the unique atmosphere of Pashupatinath.
Just outside Katmandu, Pashupatinath is an incredible place, full of emotion. Built in the image of Benares in India, it's here that cremations take place. There's a sad, solemn atmosphere during these rites but, at the same time, a great deal of humanity. Sensitive souls should give it a miss. In any case, discretion and a solemn respect are the order of the day.
4. Feel so small beside the highest peaks in the world.
Whether simply going trekking or climbing up 8848 metres, or 20,029 feet, to the summit of Mount Everest, Nepal is the most wonderful place on earth to go hiking. Depending on your experience, you'll have infinite options to choose from. The Himalayas, or Annapurna, Nepal is an unparalleled paradise for climbers and hikers.
5. Discover, or indeed rediscover, Katmandu

A one-time paradise for hippies, Katmandu owes its fame to them. These days many people come here to discover its unique atmosphere, or to rediscover the lost magic that they experienced all those years ago. According to the original hippies, the Katmandu of today isn't what it was in the past. Too touristy it seems. Is Katmandu still the most culturally rich and interesting town in Nepal? 


NB. Following the two powerful earthquakes that struck Nepal in April and May 2015, the country is slowly getting back on its feet. This article was written before the disaster.

Discover the destination

Why travel to Nepal?

A trip to Nepal will delight those who have heard of the legendary hippie atmosphere of Katmandu but will disappoint nostalgic vistors who experienced that great era.

NB, this article was written before two powerful earthquakes ravaged the country in April and May 2015

You should go if...
  • You dream of beaches and palm trees
  • You don't like very spicy food
  • You like your little home comforts
  • You like large, modern cities
  • You hope to find the same atmosphere in Katmandu as you found last time you went, over 30 years ago now

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When to go in Nepal?

The climate of Nepal varies enormously as the altitude increases. Each region is divided into a lowland area and an area of very high altitude, so you always need to be prepared if you are planning to go into the mountains. In general, the best time to traevl to Népal is from October to May, during the dry season. Temperatures are high, especially at Katmandu, but it doesn't rain, unlike during the months of June, July, August and September. If you are going on a trek, avoid the months of December and January, which are very cold, especially at high altitude. Avoid visiting Katmandu in May and June, when the heat is unbearable and there is a great deal of mud. So go to see the highest peaks in the world, or to discover the Buddhist and Hindu temples, in the dry season.
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Prepare your trip in Nepal
Even for the most seasoned traveller, it's still important to be up to speed on Nepal before you arrive in the country. So, here's the lowdown:

What documents are needed for traveling to Nepal?

Your passport needs to be valid for 6 months after your return date. British passport holders need a visa, which can be easily obtained. Note: a visa alone is not enough for entering certain zones such as Mustang. A supplementary permit is required.

Health advise

No vaccinations are required. But it's wise to be innoculated against Typhoid and Hepatitis A. Depending on how long you plan to stay there, you may also want to get vaccinations for Rabies, Meningitis and Japanese Encephalitis.


Nepali is the official language. Other Hindu dialects are spoken but that won't help you much during a trip to Nepal. Fortunately English is widely spoken across the country.

Time difference

+5hrs 45mins in summer, +6hrs 45mins in winter. So when it's midday in London, it's 5.45pm or 6.45pm in Kathmandu, depending on whether it's GMT or BST.

Phone and internet connection

International dialling code: +977

Internet access is available in all towns and tourist areas.


Voltage is the same as the UK, namely 220v. You'll need power plug adapters.

*After the devastating earthquakes that shook Nepal in April and May 2015, the country is slowly getting back on its feet. This article was written before these catastrophic events occurred.

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