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Namaste! Welcome to these pages on holidays in Nepal. Nepal is a country of legends influenced by its two direct neighbours: China and India. The birthplace of Buddha, enriched by its numerous temples and unique mountainous landscapes, has a lot to offer for its visitors. From the Tibetan temples to the valley of Everest, via the Himalayan mountain range, you will discover more than just simple landscapes during your travels in Nepal. Culture and religion hold a very crucial place in the discovery of « the dwelling place of God». A real ethnic blend, the Nepalese populace is welcoming and spiritual and will not hesitate to share their customs and traditions with you. Safaris in Nepal, riding elephants, trekking in the jungle, trekking towards Everest, this is what awaits the traveller that is avid of strong sensations and a change in scenery. With its cultural richness and exceptional environment, Nepal is a country that will not leave anyone indifferent. So, when is your next trip to Nepal?

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There is no shortage of ideas for excursions and trips to Nepal and they are fully customizable to suit your needs. The passionate team at Evaneos Travel can put you in direct contact with an English-speaking travel agent based in Nepal. Selected by us for their expertise, experience in the field and knowledge of the country, your agent will be your best ally for a successful trip to Nepal. Let them know your wishes and the places that attract you and your guide will prepare an itinerary especially for you. Maybe you want to go trekking in the Himalayas? Or go on safari to see wild animals? Or hike in the jungle? All options are possible thanks to the expertise of your English-speaking local agent. Travel off the beaten track can also be arranged for an authentic discovery of one of the most fascinating countries in the world. Are you dreaming of beautiful landscapes that await you, imagining yourself at the foot of the highest peak in the world – if so, wake up, because it's not a dream. Your customized trip to Nepal is waiting to be created for you.

When to go in Nepal?

The climate of Nepal varies enormously as the altitude increases. Each region is divided into a lowland area and an area of very high altitude, so you always need to be prepared if you are planning to go into the mountains. In general, the best time to traevl to Népal is from October to May, during the dry season. Temperatures are high, especially at Katmandu, but it doesn't rain, unlike during the months of June, July, August and September. If you are going on a trek, avoid the months of December and January, which are very cold, especially at high altitude. Avoid visiting Katmandu in May and June, when the heat is unbearable and there is a great deal of mud. So go to see the highest peaks in the world, or to discover the Buddhist and Hindu temples, in the dry season.
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Gary N
Enjoyed all of our interactions with the citizens of Nepal and Bhutan. Everyone we came in contact with was very friendly and helpful. We especially enjoyed our trek to the Tiger's Nest Monastery even though the roundtrip took us about five hours including approximately an hour in the monastery. Also, really enjoyed staying at the Old Inn in Bandipur and having a day to relax in this quiet town.
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Steve W
From the timeliness of the drivers for pickups or communication if there were delays due to traffic to our very informative guides during tours, we were delighted with all aspects of the tour. The hotels and bed and breakfast met or exceeded our expectations. Chitwan and the tours of the World Heritage Sites were definitely highlights. Sunrise at Pokhara to view the Himilayas was also fantastic.
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