5 reasons to travel to Brazil

So why choose Brazil for your vacation? The answer's easy: for its buzz, nature, history and Amazonian tribal culture. Despite social disparities, it's a melting pot that's culturally rich and complex, which makes it even more interesting.
  1. 1
    Brazil has stunning beaches...
  2. 2
    Watch a game of soccer and feel your adrenaline rush...
  3. 3
    A socially mixed country with great food and a fascinating cultural heritage...
  4. 4
    Visit the Lungs of the Earth: the Amazon...
  5. 5
    Life life to the full Brazilian-style...
1. Brazil has stunning beaches...
If you vacation in Brazil you'll be able to stretch out on white sands on the Pacific Coast or on the banks of a stunning river. Each one as inviting as the other. If you're looking to unwind, then you'll feel right at home on Brazil's amazing coastline!
2. Watch a game of soccer and feel your adrenaline rush...

In a country where soccer is King, soccer fans should not miss going to a local game. You'll get as pumped up as the local Brazilians, who go in their hordes and you'll have a ball.

3. A socially mixed country with great food and a fascinating cultural heritage...

The Brazilian population is recognized for its social mix, not least thanks to the presence of large, ethnic groups and indigenous tribes. This blend is apparent in its traditional crafts as well as its food. Dishes are varied and regional whether it be the 'moqueca bahianaise' staple or a 'bobó de camarão', a delicious prawn soup. Don't wait any longer; this multi-faceted country is calling...

4. Visit the Lungs of the Earth: the Amazon...

The importance of this continuous ecosystem is undeniable, yet the Amazon Forest remains a mystery to many, not least as it's home to an incredible range of animal and plant species. And it's indigenous people will both move and amaze you. Pack your bags and get ready to explore this magical world!

5. Life life to the full Brazilian-style...

Who hasn't dreamed about sipping a caipirinha, while listening to samba during a fun evening out... or, indeed, any of the other pulsating, local rythyms? To quote Louise Attaque, 'who feels like a Brazilian night out?' A lively country, full of once in a lifetime experiences.

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Why travel to Brazil?

It's a pleasure to explore a country that is as astonishing as much as it is huge! Each region of Brazil is like a country in itself. So, theoretically, there's something for everyone. Even so, here are some questions you may want to ask yourself, to help you decide if Brazil is your dream destination or not...
You should go if...
  • Do you like to party and dance to music, as it blasts across streets and beaches?
  • Do you have a taste for the wild and a love of animals?
  • Do you enjoy vacations where you can go with the flow?
  • Would it bother you to leave your chic outfits behind and instead dress in clothes that camouflage you?
  • Do you dream of lying back in a hammock and breathing in stunning scenery?
You shouldn't go if
  • Do you hate insects and creepy crawlies of all sizes?
  • Do you only like vacations where everything organized from A-Z and runs to schedule?
  • Do you dislike rice and beans?
  • Are you only prepared to speak English?
  • Do you hate rum?

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When to go in Brazil?

You can head to Brazil, the famous, carnival melting pot, at any time of year. From April to October, the weather is warm and dry on the coast, but cold in the south. It's hot everywhere from December to March. Be forewarned that the country is invaded by Brazilian tourists between December and February, as it's their summer break. As local climates greatly differ, you can look at weather patterns for the region you want to visit, or you can organise your departure according Brazilian festival dates!
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Prepare your trip in Brazil
In this article you'll find information that's essential if you're planning a trip to Brazil, as sometimes missing out a small detail can ruin an amazing adventure...

What documents are needed for traveling to Brazil?

For trips lasting three months or less, most European nationals won't need visas but must have a valid passport with an expiry date no less than six months after the date of travel. Canadians must apply for a tourist visa within 90 days of their departure date.

Health advise

Disease carrying mosquitoes can cause illnesses including dengue fever, yellow fever and malaria. So it's important you see your doctor for malaria tablets and the obligatory vaccinations. If you're going to the Amazon, remember a yellow fever vaccination is imperative.


Brazil's official language is Portuguese. It's a bit different from the European version, as Brazil has kept much of its indigenous tongues. You'll also pick up on regional accents and differences in pronunciation.

Time difference

Brazil is divided into 4 time zones. The time difference with France is between 3 and 5 hours, depending on the region and date. For example, if it's 11am in France, it will be 8am in Brasilia from October to February and 6am for the rest of the year. Check out the time difference in advance, as moving between winter and summer times does not happen in all towns, nor in every year.

Phone and internet connection

Telephone dialling code for Brazil: +55 followed by the city code

In towns, internet access is easy to find and there are cybercafés all over the place. What's more, most hotels/hostels have Wi-Fi (free or paying).


The voltage is not always the same as Europe or the States and, depending on where you are, can vary from 110 to 220 volts. You'll need to take a socket adapter/travel plug as, once again, there are no norms.

The French Embassy in Brazil

SES Av. das Nações, lote 04, quadra 801 - CEP : 70404-900 - Brasília - DF.

Tel : 0055-61 3222-3999

Website: http://www.ambafrance-br.org/

Brazilian Embassy in France

34, cours Albert 1er

75008 Paris

Tel : 01 45 61 63 00

Website: http://paris.itamaraty.gov.br/