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Best places to visit in Brazil

Brazil, with its Carnival, its luxuriant jungle, its hot sand beaches... The quintessential dream country. The welcoming accent of its beautiful mixed-race women, its tropical climate and the colours of its cocktails all conspire to make you leave your troubles behind. Though Brazil is a well-developed country, it has preserved all of its festive and musical culture. 

It is a vast country; it would be best to focus on Amazonia and the North-East or even the big cities and beaches of the South, if you don't want to end up spending your holidays on a plane. Lucky for you, we have the solution: Evaneos Travel experts are here to share their great deals and secrets with you. Follow the guide!

A bubbling southern supercity, São Paulois the economic heart of the country. For rest and relaxation, it would be better to go to Rio de Janeiro, where a week will not suffice to enjoy sugarloaf, the Corcovado, Santa Teresa neighbourhood and the mythical beaches of Copacana and Ipanema. Similarly, Ilha Grande is chock-full of idyllic beaches where you can go diving.

Whereas the culture in other South American countries is Andean, Brazil distinguishes itself by being more Caribbean, and Portuguese is the spoken language. Still on the coast, Salvador is the ideal destination to fully enjoy the carnival atmopshere. It's a good compromise for those who desire greater authenticity without having to go as far Amazonia. Otherwise, set course for the North, around Belem, still on the coast; and to Manaus, in the heart of Amazonia. Here, you will rub shoulders with a different Brazil: more primitive, less Westernised.

Take advantage of your trip to Brazil to see the Foz do Iguaçu waterfalls or the wetlands of Pantanal, inland.

Julie Olagnol
The simple mention of its name casts a spell over your imagination. Beautiful and unforgiving, the Amazon rainforest - this lost kingdom that has not yet yielded to man – lives up to its legend. 
A fishing village in Camamu Bay, Bahia state, where the possibility of enjoying a dream holiday becomes reality.
The entry point to the amazing landscape of Lençois Maranhenses and one of Brazil's natural treasures.
Capao (Brazil)
A village situated in central Bahia, and a quieter entry point than neighboring Lençois, if you're planning to explore the Chapada de Diamantina.
Brazil's highest waterfall, located right in the middle of the Chapada Diamantina
There are superb views over the sea and the Mata Atlântica and of islands and beaches surrounded by crystal-clear water practically everywhere along the Costa Verde, which lies between Rio de Janeiro and the northern part of the state of São Paulo.
A natural border between Argentina and Brazil, the town of Iguaçu is home to famous, spectacular falls, considered to be some of the finest in the world.
Island in the Tinharé archipelago in the south of Bahia state, and truly a little corner of paradise.
About the same size as Switzerland and nestled at the mouth of the Amazon, Marajo is a stunning island that is easy to explore.
Ilha Grande is a popular holiday destination for Brazilians thanks to its calm, relaxing beauty.
The principal town in Chapada de Diamantina, at 400km from the Bahia State coast. 
The most well-known beach on Ilha Grande regularly appears on the list of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. More than 2.4 kilometres of white sand greet visitors after their 3-hour walk.
A mountain that stands 1,100 meters high and the pride of Chapada Diamantina.
Olinda (Brazil)
Any traveler interested in Brazlian culture and its architecture needs to visit the small town of Olinda. It was classified a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982 and is renowned for its colonial style buildings.
A journey back in timethis baroque jewel was, in 1981, the first of Brazil's towns to be classified a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The vast humid plain of the Mato Grosso, on the Bolivian border, houses an ecosystem which is unique in the world. 
Paraty (Brazil)
On my trip to Brazil, I was lucky enough to stopover in Parat y , a green, verdant town amid a myriad of islands.
Preá (Brazil)
Situated less than half an hour away from Jericoacoara (12km), Préa is for sports lovers and families looking for peace and quiet.
When I was staying in Brazil, I fell in love with Salvador. Salvador de Bahia, or to give it its full name, São Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos, is located on a promontory to the north of the Bay of All Saints.
A trek in the Chapada Diamantina region, considered to be one the best hikes in the world.
An absolutely essential place to see when visiting Brazil. A crazy, pulsating city that has to be experienced at least once in a lifetime!
Belem (Brazil)
Viewed from the sky, the built area of Belém - which extends out into the estuary - offers a stark contrast with the wild, verdant appearance of the surrounding river banks. Opening onto both the ocean and the forest, the city serves as a major gateway to Amazonia. 
Santa Teresa is the bohemian neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, and one of the nicest.
Founded in 1719, Tiradentes is a little corner of Portugal lost in the middle of Brazil. Paved streets, yellow and white two-bell churches: the city has preserved its colonial architecture.
Florianopolis is a seaside resort in Brazil located on the Brazilian continent and on the Santa Catarina Island.
300 kilometres from Fortaleza, accessible only by a road through the dunes, the beach at Jericoacoara, whose name means “the sunbathing crocodile" in the local language, is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.
The Pão de Açúcar (or Sugarloaf Mountain) is a Rio de Janeiro postcard favorite and a must-see when visiting the 'Cidade Maravilhosa'. Simply put, it's awesome!
Bonito (Brazil)
An ecological paradise at the junction between the Pantanal wetlands and the Iguazu Falls. And from where the expression 'unforgettable experience' must have come.
Buzios (Brazil)
Búzios is Brazil's St.Tropez (with which it is twinned) and is a charming place.
Cachoeira is a very charming little town 75 miles from Salvador de Bahia.

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