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Jericoacoara (Brazil)

Practical information on Jericoacoara

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4 / 5 - 3 reviews
How to get there
Four and a half hours by 4x4 from Fortaleza
When to go
It's hot all year round in Jericoacoara
Minimum stay
2 to 3 days

Reviews of Jericoacoara

Ariadne M Seasoned Traveller
39 written opinions

A trendy spot for kitesurfing and windsurfing, Jeri Beach is an isolated place and difficult to get to, but worth seeing.

My suggestion:
Jeircoacoara Beach is undeniably wonderful, and the town is a super cool place! However, it's so difficult to get to that it's not really worth it unless you're a keen kite or windsurfer.
My review

Jericoacoara is is a destination for sporty types and is so packed with people and difficult to get to that I don't recommend this beach to anyone except lovers of nautical sports. There are various options on offer when it comes to dune buggy, horseback or 4x4 trips, and some of the sites are wonderful.

Pedra Furada is an interesting geological formation and a picture postcard of a place.

The sea is warm and the water is crystal clear, and the coastal winds drive the waves parallel to the beach, which is quite strange to see.

A great many people come here solely for the kite and windsurfing, something for which the site is world famous.

The town has good facilities and there are some good accommodation options and places to eat to be found there.

For those who just want to go bathing, there are other beaches that are easier to get to and just as beautiful (indeed more beautiful) than Jeri!

A tranquil scene at Jericoacoara
Seasoned Traveller
67 written opinions

Fashionable Jericoacoara is often referred to as the best kite surfing spot in Brazil.

My suggestion:
As a result Jericoacoara can be very touristy. If you want to get away from the crowds (and high prices), then don't go during July and August, the peak season.
My review

When I organize trips to the beach that are more than 5 hours by road from the nearest big town (in this case, Fortaleza), I try to find quiet places with deserted sands. So I was disappointed to find that this village had become so popular, its streets paved with overly expensive shops and restaurants. If you want some calm, stay at Préa Beach. That said, the countryside surrounding the town is stunning.

Jericoacoara is a good place if you want to go on a buggy tour and visit the area's many lagoons, Lagao Azul being one of the favorites. I really enjoyed the one I took to Tatajuba, which lasted all day and included traveling through mangroves and watching seahorses swimming along the branch of a river. Jericoacoara is also a kite surfing paradise. And after a day on the waves, you can head to the top of the dune of Por do Sol and relax in front of a spectacular sunset.

Remember to take money with you when you go to Jericoacoara, as there are no ATMs so everything's paid for by cash.

Adeline Haverland Seasoned Traveller
20 written opinions

300 kilometres from Fortaleza, accessible only by a road through the dunes, the beach at Jericoacoara, whose name means “the sunbathing crocodile" in the local language, is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.

My suggestion:
The compulsory ritual for anyone going to Jericoacoara is to watch the sun set from the “duna do por de sol”. On the far left of the beach, tourists and locals get together from 5 pm to watch one of the world's most beautiful sunsets.
My review

Having lived in Brazil for a year and a half, I never stopped hearing my friends talking about Jericoacoara as one of the must-see places in Brazil.
So, one public holiday, I discovered for myself what many people describe as the most beautiful beach in Brazil.

After a five hour bus ride through the sand dunes from Fortaleza, I first explored the centre of this fishing village. There are five or six streets packed with hotels and restaurants for visitors. It was much too busy for my taste, so I quickly moved on to the beach of Jericoacoara…and soon understood why my friends had recommended it to me.

Dunes, lagoons of clear water and mangroves make Jericoacoara a true paradise on earth. Hammocks on the water's edge, expanses of white sand and high winds, ideal for watersports - Jericoacoara has something for everyone. I love trekking, so I turned down the 4x4 excursions offered by all the hotels and went to the most famous places on the beach, on foot. The famous Pedra Furada, a two hour walk from the beach at Jericoacoara, was my favourite walk by a long way.

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